This Year, Take the Complicated Out of Christmas with Your Kids

Christmas with your kids is fun...right?  We know what you're thinking: sure it's fun, but it's also very complicated and for some of you, it's even dreadful. In this episode, Andy sits down with Brad Thomas from Austin, Texas to talk about how you can take the "complicated" out of Christmas with your kids this year and have fun at the same time.  We know it sounds crazy but we promise you'll be thankful you tuned in for this one.  Want... Read More
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What You Need to Know - Practically and Personally - About the Journey of International Adoption

Many people consider adoption and foster care.  But, the fear and uncertainty keep most of them from ever getting started.  In this episode, Andy sits down with Matt and Elissa Roberts to discuss what to expect throughout the journey of adoption, the 3 primary options available to families, and how to get started. Want to tune in live? If you're in the greater Memphis area, listen LIVE on AM640 on Wednesday, December 6th at 3pm. Can't listen live?... Read More
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How NOT to Ruin Your Finances this Christmas

On the Andy Savage Show this week, Andy sits down with Chris Brown, host of Life Money and Hope with Chris Brown, to help you how to NOT ruin your finances this Christmas. We are excited to have him back with us and we know you will enjoy him as well!   You can listen LIVE in the metro Memphis area at 3pm on 640AM this Wednesday, November 29th  OR check back here on Thursday to listen here. Read More
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The Ten Cues, Dos, and Don'ts of Your Kids Social Media Safety

In this episode of the Andy Savage Show, Andy sits down with Bart Lewis to discuss two cue's and ten dos and don'ts that every parent needs to be on the lookout for and pay close attention to as it relates to their kids well being, self-image, and safety with social media. Your browser doesn't support audio. Please download the file: audio/mp3 Bart Lewis spent 21 years as a pastor to middle school & high school students in Tennessee, Iowa, and Texas.... Read More
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Parenting Through Your Teenagers Mistakes

On the Andy Savage Show this week, Andy sits down with pastor and consultant Joe Urcavich to talk about the do's and don'ts of parenting teenagers through their mistakes, messes, and mishaps. It's not really a question of "if" your teenager will make a large mistake.  It's really a question of "when" they do, will you be ready for anything?  How will you get them and yourself through it?  This episode will give you answers and hope moving... Read More
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How BJ Thompson Shoulders the Burdens of Other People's Marriages

Check out more from BJ Thompson here from an article he wrote in Christianity Today. Read More
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