Just say no.

In 1982, Nancy Reagan used the phrase, “Just say no,” for the first time. This phrase became the de facto slogan for the war on drugs, both politically and in the homes of virtually every American. Sadly, statistics have proven that the catchy slogan did not make much of a dent in the war on drugs. But before you throw out the whole concept, I think there might still be hope for this slogan. One of the greatest outages in parenting today is our discomfort with the word,... Read More
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Stop Yelling at Your Kids...

Wouldn’t it be great to stop yelling at your kids? Wouldn’t it be great for your kids to obey you the first time? Well, that may never happen perfectly, but it can definitely happen more often. The #7000days Parenting Conference is here to help! At this conference, you will be equipped with actual and practical tools and skills to help you get better at the stuff that matters today. This conference is not just parenting theory, it’s real help... Read More
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Fearless Parenting

Would you describe yourself as a fearless parent? I can say that if anything, parenting has brought out more fears than virtually anything else in my life.    I wonder if I’m around enough. Do my kids have enough or do they have too much? Will I miss out on something important? What if they become teenagers and rebel and forsake everything I’ve tried to teach them? Am I providing a healthy balance of grace and discipline? Could they... Read More
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