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In Trouble with God

In Joshua chapter 7 we read about Achan’s sin. In short, Achan, an Israelite, broke a direct command of God by taking some of the “devoted things” from Jericho. Jericho was given to the Israelites as the first city to fall on their way to conquering and occupying the Promised Land. God made it clear that all the gold and sliver items were to be put in the treasury and no one should take them (see Joshus 6). The consequences of taking these things would be to forfeit... Read More
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What is discipleship?

I am honored to be in the line-up for the 2016 Downline Summit coming to Memphis February 5-6. If you are not familiar with Downline Ministries , it is a unique ministry designed to restore Biblical discipleship back to the church. Which begs the question, “What is discipleship!?” Don’t be intimidated by this word. As simply as I can put it, discipleship is spiritual parenting. When someone places his or her faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, he or she experiences what Jesus... Read More
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5 Best Practices for a Thriving Family Life

  I think everyone is looking for ways to make family life better. There are a few tried and true “best practices” that families should consider if they want their family to thrive. This is also a topic that I have discussed on The Andy Savage Show. You can listen to that episode here .   1. Dinner together This simple family act continues to emerge through research as an undeniable best practice. The truth is, even without research, families have known... Read More
Posted by Andy Savage at Thursday, November 6, 2014 | 1 comments
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