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Help...I married a LIAR!

Help, I’m married to a liar! Dishonesty is an undisputed relationship bomb that can quickly blow up trust. In marriage, you simply cannot function in a healthy manner without trust. While we can all agree that lying is bad, especially in marriage, this sort of thing happens every day. So, why do we lie? Ultimately, lying is image control. Lying is a very selfish and reckless way to look less guilty, wrong or foolish or to look more impressive, smart or right. In the end, these attempts... Read More
Posted by Andy Savage at 11/5/15

7 Deadly Sins of Omission in Marriage

7 Deadly Sins of Omission in Marriage A sin of omission is when you know the good you ought to do but choose not to do it. Sometimes the thing causing strife and harm in a marriage is actually something we fail to do more than something malicious we do. Below you will see what I call the 7 Deadly Sins of Omission in Marriage.  1. Failing to speak love and encouragement A loving word or compliment goes a long way from anyone but it can go for miles from your spouse. Saying, “I love... Read More
Posted by Andy Savage at 10/25/15

Spouse or friend?

Spouse or Friend? Why are we so obsessed with referring to marriage as friendship? I get it, we want people to know that we have the kind of relationship as husband and wife that is encouraging, uplifting and enjoyable. Pardon my frustration, but since when did the term “husband" or “wife" not imply this meaning?  It's as if the term “friendship" is considered greater or more worthy of our aspirations than “husband" or “wife.” Maybe there are people who feel, due to the various br... Read More
Posted by Andy Savage at 9/24/15

6 Things That Change Once You Get Married [Part 2]

6 things that change once you get married [part 2] Things always change in your relationship when you get married. I explained the first 3 in part 1 of this blog here. Here are the next 3. Enjoy! 4. Study must replace novelty. New relationships have a certain novelty to them. Every little thing feels kind of like a big thing. You are eager to learn about one another’s background, hobbies, interests and dreams. This continues until you feel generally confident you know them. When you m... Read More
Posted by Andy Savage at 8/27/15

6 Things That Change Once You Get Married [Part 1]

6 Things That Change Once You Get Married [Part 1] Marriage changes everything. This is true for better and worse. There are always some very welcomed and exciting changes when a couple moves from dating to engaged to married. Likewise, there are some not-so-welcomed changes that happen to couples. In my experience preparing hundreds of couples for marriage, there are 6 things that need to change once you get married. Be sure to check back and catch part 2 of this blog. 1. Intentionali... Read More
Posted by Andy Savage at 8/24/15

5 Signs You are Love-Blind

5 Signs You are Love-Blind It’s a fact of life. Love can make us blind. We all know people who have become love-blind and many of us remember a day when we were love-blind. This is primarily a condition that affects the early phases of a new relationship. Sure, there’s a certain bliss that comes with this phase of romance, yet we must be aware of the dangers as well. My objective is not to rain on anyone’s love parade, but I think wisdom demands you know the signs of becoming love-blind.... Read More
Posted by Andy Savage at 8/20/15
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