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The Waves of Discouragement

Do you ever wonder if God cares about your situation? Discouragement is a funny thing. Anytime I go through a season or moment of discouragement, I am reminded just how fragile I am. I’m typically a fairly up-beat person and enjoy life. However, there are times when the strong, confident, self-assured part of me is shut down and replaced by an insecure, doubt-filled, fearful self. Discouragement can come from a thousand different sources and here’s what I’ve learne... Read More
Posted by Andy Savage at 9/16/14

First Things First recap

Are you putting first things first in your life? This summer at Highpoint Church, I taught a series that focused on this idea. What would it look like to prioritize Holiness, Home and Health? I’ve listed the “bottom line” from each message and provided links to each of the messages so you can catch up where you missed or review a message. These statements also serve as great status updates or Tweets for social media! (By the way, you should... Read More
Posted by Andy Savage at 7/19/14

Saturday Prayer :: July 12, 2014

Heavenly Father, I pray for this Sunday at Highpoint. I have truly seen the First Things First series making a difference in peoples lives. I pray that we are able to see more and more life change in these critical areas. God, would you give people the courage to make decisions to put first things first? Truthfully, most people cannot fathom what it means to prioritize holiness, home and health. I pray as we enter into another discussion about health that people will not feel discouraged an... Read More
Posted by Andy Savage at 7/12/14

Is it holy?

Is it holy? I find that many people are intimidated by the word holiness. This word conjures up ideas of being overly religious and squeaky clean. Most people are fairly aware of their own imperfections that a label such as “holiness" seems so far from reality that it barely enters their vocabulary.   I have recently returned to a passage of Scripture that is often the source of some of the intimidation factor surrounding the idea of being holy. 1 Peter 1:15–16 r... Read More
Posted by Andy Savage at 6/4/14

Saturday Prayer for Highpoint Collierville

Heavenly Father, Thank you for the beauty of this Saturday morning. Thank you for all You did through the Good Friday and Easter Sunday services last week! You are doing something truly special in our church. Thank you for Lance Scarbrough’s leadership at HPC and I pray YOU continue to multiply his investment in people to build this campus to reach its full potential. Thank you for all those who took the time and effort to “invest & invite.” It is so more than a simple ... Read More
Posted by Andy Savage at 4/26/14
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