13 Tweets for the #UNSTUCK

13 Tweets for the #UNSTUCK The UNSTUCK series I'm teaching at Highpoint Church seems to be connecting with people. Given the extraordinary response in this past Sunday's service I thought I'd provide 13 Tweets for the Unstuck. Use these tweets to get the word out about what God is doing in this series! Thanks!

  1. Perseverance and faith go hand in hand. #unstuck
  2. Getting #unstuck takes effort. This goes for all relationships, dreams and your faith!
  3. Our relationships with other people are the PRIMARY way we display the grace of Jesus to the world. #unstuck
  4. Relationships are never neutral - they are either moving forward or moving backwards. #unstuck
  5. Our sinful tendency is to be selfish and look at people through the lens of "what can you do for me." #unstuck
  6. Holiness is both a status we gain thru Jesus - not of our own doing - and a moral standard we strive for b/c of our gratitude for His grace.
  7. Dragging your temptations into the light through confession can liberate you from the hold they have on you. #unstuck
  8. God loves every person you see and the ones you will never see this side of eternity. #unstuck
  9. Bitterness is ANTI-LOVE. #unstuck
  10. Bitterness becomes is the dangerous fuel of dismissing, mistreating and bad-mouthing others. #unstuck
  11. God singles out sexual immorality b/c it is a triple whammy of sin against God, others and self. #unstuck
  12. Sexual immorality always demeans commitment, destroys security & disconnects us from God. #unstuck
  13. We never graduate from our need to hear and respond to God's truth. #unstuck 

Posted by Andy Savage at 12:32 PM
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