6 Better After School Questions

6 better after school questions School is back! And for most parents this is a welcomed change from the long days of summer yet it opens a whole new door of challenges and possibilities. What will your child face this year at school? How will they be shaped? How will your relationship with your child change?

This is where we parents live. As you navigate these ever changing 7000Days, how do you appropriately train, coach and guide your child toward success? How do you steer them toward God's best instead of the myriad of options available to them? Whether it's the first day of kindergarten or their senior year, most kids come home to the same question, "How was school today?" Let's be honest, our kids don't know how to answer that question any more than we did when our parents asked us. 

Maybe this year you could take a different approach. In an effort to truly connect with your child and respect the way they process life and face their own challenges and be there for them to offer wisdom and guidance, consider a few better "after school" questions.
  1. Did anything happen today that embarrassed you? Kids are VERY sensitive to embarrassment. Goofy things happen at school and your child may simply need some reassurance to help them get though an embarrassing moment. 
  2. What are you most excited about this semester? Learn what excites your child. For some it may be higher level math and others getting their first locker and still others care little about school and lots about seeing their friends everyday. This is a great way to identify and encourage your child's individual personality and strengths. 
  3. What are you most nervous about this semester? When kids get nervous, they reveal their insecurities. Perhaps these are areas where they feel ill prepared or scared by a particular area. Maybe they feel nervous about the social scene or maybe it's the homework load or maybe it's the clumsy feeling of being at a new school in a new routine. Ask them and help them walk through their nervousness.
  4. Do you feel like you have some good friends at school? It's a big deal to have friends. Kids want to be liked and considered part of a group. They want to fit in. Be particularly heads up for loneliness or reclusiveness. God made us to be relational and we learn many of the "ropes" of life through friendship. Your kids need good friends; help them know the difference.
  5. What subjects do you think you will have to work the hardest at this semester/year? Every child learns at a unique pace. The child that had perfect grades last year is not guaranteed to have perfect grades this year. Helping your child identify the hardest subject helps them see where the work is needed. Too often kids will avoid talking about the difficulties of a specific class or subject and you learn about it after 6 or 9 weeks. Ask now and start creating a plan to address the challenge.
  6. How can mom/dad support you this school year? This helps your child feel like you are on their team. Their need for support could be anything from academics to social life to extra curricular activities. Asking the questions allows them to let you in vs. you imposing yourself. 
I hope these questions help you this school year. If this post is helpful to you please consider sharing it with a friend. Thanks!
Posted by Andy Savage at 8:08 PM
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