"MIA" 2012/5/30 - published In a few short days, I will be MIA  - missing in action. I begin my sabbatical this Friday. I am as nervous as I am excited. The prospect of two months of rest and recuperation is wonderful except to the control freak in me. I write this post to inform you all on how I will be handling this sabbatical, and what you can and cannot expect from me. 

1. I am biting the bullet and UNPLUGGING from social media. That's right, no twitter, no Facebook, nothing. Why? This is a rare opportunity that I want to make the most of. I refuse to sit around and waste precious time with God, my family, taking care of my health and accomplishing some priority goals. In addition, I'm vastly limiting TV time (with the exception of the Olympics, which I'm looking forward to!).

2. I will not be responding to email, most text messages, comments on my blog, direct messages on Twitter or voicemails. I'm not taking appointments, doing weddings, funerals or counseling couples. Again, I'm unplugging. Trust me, I want to respond and help, but maybe others need to know what God is painfully teaching me - I'm not necessary and only Jesus is.

3. My blog will be active but it's not me! My assistant, Kelly, who helps me more than I would ever tell her :), will be posting some guest blog entries and videos that will be worth reading or watching. Please continue to share, repost and leave comments. Your activity on my blog helps connect others to content that "makes sense."

4. I will be focused on my relationship with God through extended times of prayer and time in God's word. I will be spending lots of time with Amanda and the boys. We will travel some but spend most of the time in Memphis hanging out. I will be writing and working on some projects that have been on the back burner. I will also be working out and keeping myself healthy.

5. I will not be at Highpoint Church. This is one of the sacrifices that makes this summer tough. We LOVE Highpoint. We love worshiping with our church family and seeing our friends. I love supporting Chris Conlee as he teaches, and I  look forward to hearing great things from his Next Christians series. Not to worry, I will be "in church" this summer. A few other churches, both locally and out of town, have invited me to teach a few times over the summer, which is honestly a form of recreation for me! I look forward to seeing what God is doing across our city and nation. 

I truly covet your prayers as I unplug from the normal routine and allow God to replenish my energy, to refresh my walk with Him, to relax with my family, to revitalize my vision for ministry and to receive God's blessing of slowing down and turning off. I will reconnect with the world in August. 

Feel free to share your comments to this post.

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