A final word about Proverbs

6/13/13 - A Final word about Proverbs To all of you who have been faithfully following along as we have trekked through the Proverbs, thank you. You have invested greatly in your own need for wisdom. You have fostered a greater dependence on God. You have hopefully developed a heart for God's word to be the standard over your life. I want to urge you to consider making a daily Proverb reading part of your normal everyday routine. I have made this my practice for nearly 15 years. I believe God's wisdom has been embedded in me because of it. I am far from perfect but the Proverbs always bring me to a place of fresh surrender, humility and dependence on God. 

I'd love to hear from you and what you feel were some of the game-changing truths you encountered in the Proverbs. 
How has your life changed?
What major decisions did you make?
Are there a few key passages you would like to commit to memory?
If you could keep one truth alive and well in you for the long haul, what would it be?
What is one truth you think the world ought to hear?

Please post your thoughts in the comments below. Please go back and share a particularly meaningful proverbs post.

Here are the top five most read Proverbs posts on my siteā€¦

Thanks for investing in your own walk with The Lord. Keep visiting my blog, I'll be returning to a routine of posts related to relationships, marriage, parenting and who knows what else! 

The Priority Time Challenge will continue with Chris Conlee posting on his site each day. Please make plans to check in at and follow along. 

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Posted by Andy Savage at 8:16 PM
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