A Pastor's Prayer

I have the privilege of serving Highpoint Church alongside Chris Conlee. I cannot tell you how much I have learned watching Chris lead. The longer you are around Chris the more you see the evidence of secret disciplines like time in God's word and prayer. For the last few years Chris has drafted a "Saturday Prayer" leading into Sunday. This prayer has become an anchor for our church and a way to raise all of our expectations as we prepare to gather as a church family. So, this weekend, I'm hosting Chris' Saturday Prayer on my blog and I hope you read it. If you don't attend Highpoint, I still hope it raises your expectation of what God might do this Sunday in your church. Enjoy!

Father, The fighter in me has been reactivated. There are times I get weary from the battle. There are times I get weary from praying for revival and spiritual awakening and not seeing it. However, I'm tired of doubting. I'm tired of complaining. I'm tired of not having the complete and total faith and confidence for the mighty wind of the Holy Spirit to blow through our church in a life-changing way. Father, increase my faith. Holy Spirit, increase my obedience. Father, forgive me for the ways that I sin against You. Give me the ability to be more committed to the Word and Prayer than ever before. Give me the ability to narrow my focus and to win this battle by Your might instead of my might.  

I know we see constant life change and I know that we are growing by 20+ percent every year, but I want to see You do far more abundantly than anything I can ask or think according to Your mighty power that works in and through me. I don't believe You put Your vision for revival and spiritual awakening in me through Clyde Cranford to just live in disappointment. I believe You planted those seeds in me to bring them to harvest. 

I don't believe You've wired Andy and me the way that You have to just be a growing successful church that is a nice addition to the Kingdom and city of Memphis. I believe You've put us together to defeat the religious spirit in Memphis. I believe You birthed this church into existence to be a catalyst for revival and spiritual awakening. I believe You created this church to reach the unreached and to give the next generation a passion and purpose. I believe it is our divine purpose to prove that Love Works to the city of Memphis and to cities all over the world. Give us the privilege and opportunity to lead the leaders, move the movers, shape the shapers, influence the influencers. Give us the leaders and resources we need to complete our restructure quicker than normally possible. Give us the ability to make our strengths stronger. Give us the ability to turn our weaknesses into strengths. It's okay for me to have weaknesses, but we should be able to compensate for our weakness as the body of Christ. 

I never want to take salvations and steps of sanctification for granted, but at the same time I don't want to be content with ten people trusting Christ each week, and only the minority taking steps of sanctification. Father, I pray for the Holy Spirit to do in and through our people what we cannot do. I pray for the Holy Spirit to truly give people faith and to increase their faith. I pray for people to believe what Your Word says about being "Satisfied." I refuse to accept less. I refuse to believe that the best the body of Christ can be is 20 to 30 to 40 percent employed. I refuse to believe we can't be the most influential and powerful force in the world. I pray for our people to put You FIRST. I pray for our people to put FIRST THINGS FIRST. I pray for our people to TRUST and OBEY. 

I pray for the majority of our people to decide to tithe. Why not? Seriously, when you truly read and understand the Word of God, why would we refuse to trust and obey in this area? I pray for people to give up their idols of self and money. I pray for people to replace the idol of self with Christ. I pray for people to replace the idol of money with mission. I pray for people to truly put You FIRST. 

What would happen if everyone in our church PROVED the TITHE for ONE MONTH? It would show what our true potential is! What would happen if people were no longer slaves to debt? What would happen if people were stewards instead of owners of money? What would happen if people returned their hearts to the Lord? The scripture says, "Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." What would happen if our lives weren't our own, but if we realized that we are bought with a price? What would happen if we viewed our lives as Christ's opportunity to live His life in and through us? I want to know what the body of Christ looks like when the majority are walking instead of sitting, when the majority are giving instead of receiving. What would happen if the majority said YES to God for 30 days?

Father, I pray for You to do something mighty and powerful through Andy's teaching over the next three weeks. I pray for You to inspire Him and give Him the ability to teach in the power and demonstration of the Holy Spirit like never before. I pray for people to realize that the money issue is an idol issue. It is a FIRST COMMANDMENT issue. How can you experience the fullness of God when He is second place? I pray for people to love You enough to trust You, submit to You, and give to You. I pray for people to surrender control to You. Is 10% really going to make the difference in one's happiness? No, but collectively 10% can make the difference in the church's ability to prove that Love Works. Surrendering to You in this area is one of the most significant steps in the sanctification process. I can honestly say, "I never miss it and I never regret it. In fact, I enjoy fueling this movement."

Father, I pray for You to be with Andy as He finishes this series up at East Memphis and as He teaches it at the Collierville Campus in April and May. I pray for You to be with me as I finish up the Heaven series in Collierville over the next three weeks. I pray for this Sunday'smessage on grieving to help people heal so that they can move forward. I pray for You to use my message on rewards to inspire people to live for heaven now, not later. I pray for people to invite their friends this Sunday and over the next three weeks to hear the promises of God delivered in Heaven. 

 Lastly, I pray for You to prepare our people for Holy Week. I pray for them to step up and serve, and to step up in their commitment to invest and invite. I pray for Holy Week to exceed every expectation for Your glory. I pray for hundreds of people to trust You as their Lord and Savior. I pray for the privilege of reaching people for the first time and for the opportunity to reclaim many who have strayed. Give me Your insight and wisdom as I prepare the follow up series called "Focus on Yes: What would happen if you said YES for 30 days?" I pray for You to take our 2 fish and 5 loaves and give us the ability to feed over 5000. I pray for You to bless us by growing us spiritually, relationally, numerically, and financially. I pray for an abundance in every area. I pray that when we drop our nets every Sunday there will be an abundance of fish. I pray for a faith that believes and obeys. I pray for a faith that produces the abundance that is consistent with the presence and power of God. 

 I pray Thee, show me Your glory!

Posted by Andy Savage at 9:14 PM
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