Are you bored in your marriage?

Are you bored in your marriage? 2013/24/13 - published
I got the following as a text from a friend struggling through some difficulties in marriage. The "issues" have carried off and on for years now. The situation has lacked resolve because the insight below was lacking. 

This simple but profound insight may be the encouragement or challenge you need in your marriage. There are thousands of couples living in boring, mediocre marriages. I hope this post will help you rediscover the satisfaction you are longing for.

"In my former immaturity, I didn't always find God/Christ exciting. I would have to admit that I found what God wanted for me to be boring compared to what the world had to offer...(loved the world, not God). Can you imagine turning to your bride/spouse/Christ & telling Him 'you bore me?'

I'm not sure we ever completely grow past that, but I find Him SO much more exciting now...why? 

Could it be because I understand Him more? 

Could it be because at some point I chose to get to know Him more...even though part of me found Him boring? 

Or maybe it changed by prioritizing Him out of just commitment? 

Is this not a ridiculous parallel to being bored by our spouse? We have to move toward Christ before He becomes 'exciting.' Granted, your spouse did not die for you & cannot fulfill you like Christ can just because you prioritize or get to know or move toward him/her. But Christ DID die for you, invented excitement and is the only One who can fulfill you & you still found Him to be boring until you decided to let Him define your excitement."

What I love about this honest confession is the powerful reality that "passion follows commitment." Sometimes we must act right before we feel right. Sometimes it is our choosing, even our obligation to a commitment that gives way to a sense if joy, fulfillment and satisfaction we couldn't know otherwise.

No matter the condition of your marriage you only stand to gain when you CHOOSE LOVE. You can wait for the feeling to choose love or you can choose love no matter how you feel. The latter deepens your love in ways nothing else can.

Posted by Andy Savage at 6:04 PM
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