The Body Parts Your Spouse Needs Most

"The body parts your spouse needs most" - 2012/09/12 - KL Pending
Ok, Now I have your attention.

As much as I believe in and preach the importance of a healthy sex life in marriage, that's not what I'm talking about here. Frankly, if we could all learn to use these other body parts better, our sex lives would likely improve! So below I've laid out the other body parts your spouse needs most...

1. Your Eyes. Give your spouse your full attention. Full attention is communicated with our eyes. Husbands, when your wife is speaking, look her way. Look her in the eyes. Wives, give your husband your eyes, even if there are kids pulling at you, and even if he's talking about sports or something at work you really don't care about. It has been said that eyes are the windows to the soul. When we give our spouse our eyes, we are bearing our souls to them, communicating the desire for intimacy.

2. Your Ears. Your probably predicted I would go here. Listening is a vital discipline in relationships. I am the world's worst because I'm a talker by nature. But when I fail to listen, I am sending the message that my words are most important, and hers aren't. It's amazing how selfish we can be by simply failing to listen. Make it your aim to truly listen. Listen not only to the words but to the tone. Often it's the tone that tells more of the story than the words. The failure to listen takes its toll on a marriage. Eventually, your spouse will stop talking. They will simply give up because they know it doesn't matter anyway. Don't let this happen. Be a good listener.

3. Your Hands. Don't ever underestimate touch. Touch is what helps bring a cold marriage out of hibernation. Remember, this post is dedicated to the non-sexual body parts - so remember that touch does not always mean sex. Husbands, lovingly touch your wife's hair, hold her hand, massage her shoulders or feet, open the top of a stubborn jar, carry the basket of folded laundry to its place. Use your hands. Wives, touch your husband on the chest, hold and rub his arms (hint: mention how strong he is) and place your hand on his thigh. Use your hands.

4. Your Brain. Your spouse, above all wants to be thought about. Be diligent to give thought to the best interest of your spouse. Think about their day and be considerate of the challenges and joys they face. 1 Peter 3 gives the challenge to husbands to "be considerate as you live with your wife." This literally means, "give constant thought and attention to." Make a call during the day to check in. Plan something you know your spouse would enjoy without them asking. Give mental energy to special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. Good marriages don't happen by accident. Good marriages require thought. 

5. Your knees. I'm talking about prayer. Your spouse needs your prayers. Marriage gives you unique insight into a person's fears, insecurities, weaknesses, disappointments and needs. You also discover dreams, passions, talents and hopes your spouse has for the future. Take these matters to God in prayer. I've learned through our own share of difficult circumstances that if my wife is concerned about one of our children, I should be praying for our child and my wife who is hurting as a mother. You must not underestimate the power of prayer for your spouse. There are some things that only God can get on your knees and ask Him!

I cannot guarantee these steps will save your marriage, but I can guarantee that these steps are some of the best ways to bring health and vitality to your marriage. I hope it makes sense!

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"The body parts your spouse needs most" - 2012/09/12 - KL Pending

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