Fearless Parenting

Would you describe yourself as a fearless parent? I can say that if anything, parenting has brought out more fears than virtually anything else in my life. 
I wonder if I’m around enough.
Do my kids have enough or do they have too much?
Will I miss out on something important?
What if they become teenagers and rebel and forsake everything I’ve tried to teach them?
Am I providing a healthy balance of grace and discipline?
Could they secretly be suffering or hurting and I not know about it?
Heck, I even wonder if I’m saying or doing things that are creating long-term psychological harm that will leave them sad and alone and living with me for the rest of their lives!
Are they ready for anything life throws their way?
If you are a parent or ever plan on becoming one, you will wrestle with these issues and probably countless more. I truly believe God has a better way. His vision for our parenting is so much better and can truly relieve the stress of our fears. Imagine becoming a PRESENT, FULLY-ENGAGED, INTENTIONAL PARENT who is a FEARLESS and TRUSTWORTHY guide for your kids.
Sounds good, right?
By no means am I “there” yet as a parent, but I am determined to keep getting better and helping other parents along the way. That’s why I am incredibly passionate about the #7000days Parenting Conference, coming to Highpoint Church on May 5-6, 2017. 
This conference will help you make your kids feel loved, safe, happy and ready for anything. Parenting shouldn’t be so hard. Too many parents (myself included) live in a cycle of busyness, frustration, worry and regret. The 7000days Parenting Conference will help you discover how to spend more time enjoying your kids and give you the peace of mind knowing your kids are ready for anything.
Registration is officially open for the #7000days Parenting Conference! Click here for more information and to register. 
If you still aren’t sure, check out 5 reasons why you should come...
1) You’re too busy not to come.
Busyness is one of a parent’s worst enemies. This conference will equip and inspire you to make every day count and not let busyness steal away your greatest parenting asset...YOU.
2) Get each parent on the same page.
Nothing beats a unified front when it comes to parenting. If you are like one of the 22% of parents we surveyed, you could probably use some help here. This conference will be ground zero for unity in your parenting.
3) Become fearless.
This conference will build your confidence to tackle tough and sometimes scary issues like: sex, social media, gaming and technology, dealing with strong-willed children, the teen years, managing the challenges for stepfamilies and single-parent families and learning to use the all important word, “NO."
4) Learn to give your kids discipline and responsibility.
Every child, from toddlers to teenagers, needs a healthy dose of discipline and responsibility to thrive. You will be equipped with time-tested principles and methods to address your child’s behavior and guide them toward a successful future.
5) Become your child’s trusted spiritual leader.
Every child deserves to know how he or she is viewed in the eyes of God. Every child needs the guidance of a parent to understand salvation and spiritual formation. This conference will empower you to plant the seeds of faith, hope and love in your child’s heart.
Are you ready to become a fearless parent?
Want to learn more about the conference, speakers, details, etc? Click here
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