Creating a "Flight Plan" for your boys

I recently did an interview on my radio show with Braxton Brady author of the book Flight Plan. This book is designed to help dads become strategic in the way they raise their boys. In my interview Braxton referenced "The Laundry List" of things every dad need to pass on to his son(s) and a list of "Life Ready skills" to help you kids prepare for the demands of life. These lists are below to help you become more strategic than ever training your boys! 


The Laundry List of Discipling boys...

Ephesians 4:32- why should Christians forgive each other
Proverbs 31:8-9- what responsibility do we have for the poor and needy
Philippians 4:6- what should Christians do instead of worrying
Psalm 42:2- what trait should characterize every Christian
John 13:34-35- how can Christians be effective witnesses for Jesus Purpose in life as a Christian
2 Corinthians 9:7- what does God delight in
Matthew 20:26-28- what must we do to be greatly honored by God Colossians 3:23- attitude towards work
Proverbs 12:27- characteristics of the sluggard
Psalm 150- who or what is instructed to praise God
James 1:26- what characterizes obedient Christians
Proverbs 10:1- what makes a parent glad
Ephesians 6:1-2- what is the responsibility of children
Matthew 6:1-4- how we serve God
1 John 2:1-2- who did Jesus die for
1 Timothy 2:4- what does God desire
Jeremiah 17:9- how is the human heart described
Proverbs 1:7- the key to becoming a wise person
Proverbs 12:18- how our words can affect others
Proverbs 31:30- what personal quality has eternal value
Proverbs 15:22- the key to making wise decisions
Proverbs 15:28- characteristics of a wise person
Proverbs 12:27- what is considered a precious possession
Proverbs 16:20- the key to real joy
Proverbs 27:5-6- what should faithful friends do
Deuteronomy 10:12-13- what things should motivate us to obey God
Micah 6:8- what does require of His people
Hebrews 13:2- why Christians should be hospitable towards strangers
Romans 12:3-8- what has God given to each believer
Romans 12:19- what to know when we are mistreated
James 2:14-17- what shows that a Christian is being obedient to God’s Word
1 John 2:28- why believers should abide in Christ each day 

Life Ready Skills
  • Doing a load of laundry 
  • Washing the dishes 
  • Ironing a shirt and pants 
  • Pump gas 
  • Basic Cleaning 
  • Cooking Basics 
  • Grilling 
  • Community Service 
  • Basic Attire 
  • Basic Lawn Care 
  • Tie a tie 
  • Start a fire 
  • Drive a nail 
  • Write a thank you note 
  • Conversation Etiquette 
  • Basic First Aid 
  • Public Speaking
Posted by Andy Savage at 11:24 AM
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