Why you WON'T get in shape in 2013

Why you WON'T get in shape in 2013

Ok, I don't usually post much about fitness, but I am passionate about it. Like many of you, I have a long history of making great plans every year to get in shape. And like most of you, I would make it a little while then fail and slip right back into my old patterns. This was the story in my life until four years ago. Something changed. The same old New Year's resolution was different. I managed to stick to my workouts and nutrition plan and see results. So, what changed? Well that's the purpose of this post. Almost everyone reading this would say the "want to get in shape" this year. I want to give you five reasons why you won't (and maybe you will avoid these things and find great success!).

1. You motivation is too small.
If you are motivated simply by the way you look, your motivation is too small. You need to see the bigger picture; you need vision. You see, your life matters far more than you know. People love you and count on you and your health is a key factor in preserving and enjoying these relationships. My faith in Christ serves as my greatest motivator. I believe that because of what Christ has done in my life, I have purpose. I have a mission to fulfill. Therefore, my health is a key component in "making the most of every opportunity (Ephesians 5:16). I call this my "transcendent why." There is a calling and purpose over my life that serves as the motivation in every good endeavor.

2. Your plan is weak.
Getting a gym membership is not a plan. Buying a treadmill is not a plan. Your plan needs work, and work takes time. You need to sit down and map out a plan to get you where you want to go. A strong plan will include doing the right things and doing them consistently. Fitness is not achieved overnight. It takes work, but not just any work, you must select the right work. Most people simply lack the insight to determine the best fitness and nutrition plan for them. Don't miss this…GET A TRAINER. In my opinion, the best money spent in the fitness world is NOT equipment, it's a qualified trainer. You need an outside voice guiding you to take the right steps. A trainer's job is to not only help you design your plan, but they come alongside you to execute the plan.

3. You go alone.
Unless you have a history in competitive sports, you probably don't have the self-discipline to get in shape alone. God has wired us for relationships. Something powerful happens when we team up with someone else to accomplish a goal. Get a friend who will adopt the same plan as you and utilize the power of accountability to keep you consistent. There's just something about meeting a friend for an early morning run that makes you get out of bed when it's cold and dark. Friendship and community is the best fitness supplement out there!
4. You underestimate your bad patterns.
You (just like me) have no idea how strong your bad patterns are. You have a default setting in your brain that goes for foods you should not eat. Your desire to veg out on the couch is a powerful force. Lots of people find a hefty dose of excitement at the start, but that's not the problem. The problem comes when you are six months into your plan, you stayed up too late last night and you feel behind at work. It's a convincing argument to skip the workout today. Then you get to work and it's someone's birthday so there's cake in the break room, and you indulge...after all it's a birthday. Your bad patterns will surface and attempt to sink the ship of your goals. Set appropriate expectations. You will have days where you relapse into the old patterns, just regroup and start fresh tomorrow (not next week), tomorrow.

5. The mirror and the scale.
These two devices can derail a fitness plan faster than you think. Understandably you want to see your weight go down and your body to transform. I get it. However, the mirror and the scale only tell you what you weigh today and what you look like today. Your plan tells you where you are going. Your fitness partner tells you to keep going. Your trainer knows what he or she is doing and results will come. But remember results take time. The mirror or scale in your bathroom only knows one time…now. Too many people get frustrated because they don't see results fast enough and then they quit. It's ok to stand in front of a mirror or on a scale just don't do it everyday. Do it weekly and you will get a much better picture.

These are all ways I have personally sabotaged my own fitness objectives over the years. Four years ago, I strategically addressed each of these and have seen great results. For the last three years, I have been a member of CrossFit Bartlett. I am biased toward the Crossfit approach, but if you apply the principles above you can get in share in 2013. I hope you do it, because i believe your life matters because God loves you and wants to use you to make a difference in this world. Go get 'em.

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