Why going to work teaching kids about God

Most mornings I try to leave the house pretty early to start my day. And usually one of my lovely children wakes up way too early and makes their way downstairs. I love seeing my kids in the morning, even though they need more sleep! Then the moment comes, the moment when it's time for daddy to leave. I have to go to work. That's usually when the drama starts. My boys hate to see me walk out that door. One will clutch my leg to immobilize me, another will "give me a hug" that never seems to end. Sometimes they will stand between me and the door. Many mornings involve Amanda prying them out of my way so I can slip out the door with their little faces pressed against the glass, watching me drive off. If they were in charge, I'd be home 24/7 playing with them!  

But here's the deal: I have to go to work. I actually LOVE my work and I LOVE my family too. I believe that working is a gift from God. Working is a primary means of expressing the God-given purpose of our lives. God accomplishes so much through the simple act of a man going to work. (Ladies, I'm not leaving you out, many of you work and face these same joys and challenges, but for the purpose of this entry, I'm gonna address the guys).  

The act of a daddy going to work each day teaches children a very important truth about God. Every Christian will at some point go through season of life when God feels distant. In many ways, it feels like our Heavenly Father has "left for work." Our finite minds easily make the leap of thinking He is leaving us alone or doesn't care or may never return. We are waiting on God. Waiting is very hard, especially for those of us who have information constantly at our fingertips. But, as all good daddy's do, He promises to return. He promises that we are not alone.  

I try to kiss and hug my kids when I leave for work each day; I want them to know that though I'm away, I love them, and my love is constant for them. In fact, my going away for the day is for their good, even though they don't get that yet. Whenever you feel like God is distant or away for the moment, remember He leaves you with the promise of His love. You are not alone. So, when you leave for work, remember, your kids are learning a valuable lesson.

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Posted by Andy Savage at 11:28 AM
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