Last night the couples of Highpoint Church embarked on the first ever "Drive-thru Date Night." What is a "drive-thru date night," you ask? We designed a unique FUN date night experience for couples. They simply drove through the church parking lot, picked up their instruction card and then proceeded to have a GREAT time having fun together!  See, I have a conviction about marriage...marriages get stronger when couples have fun together. There was no marriage sermon, no Bible study and these couples were only at the church for mere minutes before hitting the town for their date. 

As a result of all the posts on social media of couples having so much fun, i'm getting bombarded with requests to see this card! So, I present to you the Drive-thru Date Night experience! Just click and print for a GREAT time! Enjoy!

Drive-Thru Date Night front
Drive-Thru Date Night back

Posted by Andy Savage at 8:42 AM
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