"#HPdatenite" - 2013/02/10 - KL pending


It's Valentine's week. So, in honor of this cultural romantic emphasis, we are launching a church-wdie date nite for all the married people at Highpoint Church. You probably already have plans. If you don't, you are LATE! Either way, we want to help add a little fun to your Valentine's date night. Here's how it works…

Step 1. Plan a date with your spouse. This means dinner and dessert out…and NO kids.
Step 2. Bring the #HPdatenite instruction card with you. 
Step 3. Follow the directions. Don't read ahead and ruin the fun. Play along!
Step 4. Have a much needed night of fun with your spouse.
Step 5. Well, you are on your own from here, but I can assure you the husbands are excited about "step 5!"

If you like, tweet comments and pics from your date night with the hashtag #HPdatenite, and you could win a prize!

Download your #HPdatenight instruction card here: Side A // Side B

Thanks for playing along. Remember that your marriage is THE most important human relationship you have. Spend a little time enjoying it!

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Posted by Andy Savage at 9:43 PM
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