Intentional Parenting Part 5 (Parham family)

As we come to a close to the "Intentional Parenting" week, I am encouraged and challenged by the different approach that each family took to this project. We weren't very specific with the directions, and we did that on purpose. We wanted to give parents the freedom to envision what God would have them promise to their child and to their supporting families.

Jarad and Sara Parham looked forward to Arabella's 18th birthday, and they shared the hopes and dreams they had for her. They understand that the 7000days that Arabella has in their home are the most impressional days of her life. They know that likely no one will be able to show her how to be a godly woman of Christ like they can. They also realize that if they prioritize their own relationships with God and their marriage, Arabella will feel loved and secure and will have a great example to model her life after. 

Read the promise that Jarad and Sara made to Arabella below.

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Posted by Andy Savage at 8:21 PM
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