Interruption or Opportunity

Perspective is everything. I do my best to live by a relatively strict routine. This involves me getting up early to have what I call my Priority Time, which is time reading the Bible and praying. Then the day begins...getting kids breakfast as I head out the door to work out and on to work. But inevitably something always goes wrong at the very beginning of my day. Usually, one of my children wakes up earlier than he should and I find myself tending to children instead of following through with my routine. Nothing is more frustrating than starting the day with an interruption.
This usually leads to frustration as I walk out the door to continue with my day.
It happened again this morning. I got up extremely early, poured myself a cup of coffee, and sat down on the couch and proceeded to read my Bible, journal and pray. The next thing I hear is my two-year-old son calling for me, "daaaaaadddddddyyyyy." Of course, I go upstairs get him up and bring him down beside me on the couch. However, today I chose to have a different perspective. Instead of viewing my son as an interruption, I viewed this as a key opportunity. 
Kids are always so curious about what their parents are doing. 
My son began to ask me what I was doing with my Bible and my journal. So I told him. In very simple terms, I shared with him the importance of listening to God through reading His word and praying for different needs in our lives and the lives of others. So, I asked him if he would like to pray with me. Of course, he did, and we prayed for a few minutes together.
Why is this important? The reality is, we are modeling for our children the values that are important to us every minute of every day. It's easy to lose sight of the importance of training our children in the way they should go (Proverbs 22:6), because our perspective revolves around our plans as adults.
This morning was an example of a key opportunity to show my son one of the primary values of my life. It was an opportunity to model for him what it means for his father to trust our Heavenly Father. When I stop long enough to think about it, I'm reminded that my children will carry images and memories with them throughout their life. I want my sons to grow up and have a mental image of their dad reading God's word and praying. I want my sons to understand that being a real man means depending on our Heavenly Father each and every day.
So, now I have a new perspective. Yes, my patience will be tested but my children are not interruptions. They bring constant opportunities before me and my wife to teach, train and model what life is all about. And sometimes, I’m thinking clearly enough to make the most of it.
Do you need a new perspective today?
Have you been viewing your children as interruptions instead of opportunities?
What area of your parenting do you need to redefine as an opportunity instead of an interruption?
I hope this makes sense.
Posted by Andy Savage at 12:52 PM
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