she works His way [with Michelle Myers]

What an honor to be with you all on Andy’s show today! Thanks so much for taking the time to listen, and I pray our conversation was an encouragement to you, whether you identify as a she works His way woman or not.
Here are a few quick highlights I pray you took away from today’s show:
What is she works His way?
she works HIS way exists to bridge the gap between ever-changing business strategies and our unchanging God for the working woman. We know there are many intricacies of being a Christian woman in business; From ensuring that God's glory guides EVERY decision to juggling family life + work flow on top of every other day-to-day operation, we know it’s a lot. But thankfully, Jesus is so much more than our "a lot." We pray our ministry is a powerful resource to do things God’s way and a constant reminder that we are never alone.
How can I get plugged into she works His way?
Our membership community is the heartbeat of our ministry. There, we provide classes, community and resources for the woman who seeks to keep God first, love her family well, and serve others with excellence, using her God-given talent and abilities. We also have additional education and consulting opportunities. We’re also hosting our first live event in October – we can’t wait for this retreat + business conference rolled into one! If worship, business training + Bible-teaching is your jam, we’d love for you to join us at Narrow!
But if you’re not quite ready to take the plunge with all of that, a great way to get to know us and the heart of our ministry is by downloading the she works His way app – available for both iOS and Android. Just search “she works His way” in the App Store or Google Play, and we’ll provide you a swHw-specific devotion Monday – Saturday every week (in addition to other bonus resources and extras!)
What’s one piece of advice you have for the swHw woman?
After exchanging the never-ending balancing act of your life to full blown surrender of every area of your life to Jesus, the most valuable piece of advice I could give you is to stop trying to do life on your own. The enemy loves isolation because he can play on loneliness.  God never intended us to live life alone, so don’t just get in community and accountability -- pursue it! We know once you enter the swHw family, you will be resourced, encouraged + have an entourage of prayer warriors in your corner.
Thanks again, Andy, and to all who tuned in! Our team would love the privilege to serve you soon!
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