Mother's Day, Mr. Ed and Baptizing My Son

A little more than a year ago, after church, I was in the middle of making peanut butter & jelly sandwiches for my boys and my oldest, Drew, announced out of nowhere, "Today I asked Jesus to come into my heart!"  I was floored. This announcement didn't shock me as if I hadn't been praying for it, it shocked me precisely because I had been praying for it...that very morning. You see, I woke up uncharacteristically early and felt compelled to pray, specifically for Drew. It's a little hard to explain, but I felt that God was leading me to pray that someone else, someone other than me, would lead Drew to The Lord. I know it may sound strange, but I have always been concerned that my children never feel manipulated or coerced because their dad is a pastor. I was praying for God to use His Church to give me, my wife and my son the confidence of a genuine salvation experience.

Needless to say, his announcement had me intrigued. He had no idea about my early morning prayer time. I began to pepper him with questions to see exactly what happened and how much he understood. He wasn't kidding. He knew with remarkable clarity what he was claiming took place. I was encouraged but felt the need to confirm with his Sunday school teachers. Monday morning I sent and email to Drew's teacher, Mr. Ed. I discovered that his story checked out. In fact, Mr. Ed, whom I know well and trust, went out of his way to explain that the time in Sunday school that day was special. He struggled to find the words to describe what was clearly a move of the Holy Spirit.  Drew, along with a number of other first graders, responded to the Gospel and received salvation.

The months to follow included some strategic conversations to help Drew and us as his parents feel comfortable with his decision and move toward the next step, baptism. Drew was nervous about getting baptized, mostly about all those people looking at him. After a brilliant idea from our HP Kids team to give kids a "baptism buddy" Drew was ready to "Go Public!" He, along with his friend Robert, would be baptized on the same day. Well, that day came on Mother's Day 2012. It is a privilege to baptize anyone, but there is nothing quite like the privilege of baptizing your own child. With family and friends, and yes, Mr. Ed, standing alongside the "tank," Drew was baptized. I hope you take 3 minutes and 40 seconds to watch Drew's Going Public video and the special Mother's Day baptism.

Amanda and I are grateful beyond words for all those who have invested in Drew's life both his biological AND church family. I cannot wait to see the man of God he becomes. 

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