My Lazy Streak

My Lazy Streak Everyone has a lazy streak. It shows up in a thousand ways and seeks to rob us of what we value most. Laziness is nearly always behind the scenes of our regrets. 

Laziness seeks to keep you…
...out of shape and overweight
…paralyzed by indecision
…watching TV when a blog should be written
…sleeping while your Bible collects dust
…quiet while you and your spouse drift apart
…frustrated because that list of "to-dos" only gets longer
…mad as opportunity passes by
…fearful that your kids are growing up without you
…laziness is a wicked beast.

Laziness isn't stopped by wishful thinking, drinking more coffee or sleeping more hours. Laziness is a like a stubborn weed in our lives. It will choke out all things vibrant and beautiful in your life. You stop laziness with diligence. It is the absolutely conscience decision to DO SOMETHING when you would normally DO NOTHING.

Laziness goes nowhere until you stare it in the face, call it out and enforce action in your life. This means you must get serious about identifying your values and goals. It means making decision that limit you, living by deadlines and giving up the relentless pursuit of relaxation for something MORE. At some point your values have to be raised to the level of MUST instead of MAYBE.

I confess, I'm writing this blog to me. I make excuse after excuse of why I'm not moving my marriage book forward. It's a huge value for me to influence as many marriages as possible. I have a goal to get this book produced ASAP. Confessing this here invites the accountability of my social world to my lazy streak. Many of you ask about "the book." Please keep asking. It must get done. No more maybes.

What do you highly value that is not getting done?
Would you be so bold to make it a "MUST?"

I'd love to hear your thoughts, leave your comments below.

Posted by Andy Savage at 9:46 AM
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