Prayer for Father's Day

God, thank you for my dad. Thank you for the lessons I’ve learned. Thank you for the legacy of true manhood displayed in my earthly father. Thank you that my earthly father made it easier to recognize my Heavenly Father. Thank you for the blessing of being a father. I pray my kids will see You in me. 

Father’s Day is tomorrow. Lord, I pray that Highpoint Church will make a statement tomorrow. I pray that Father’s Day will become a day where people come out of the wood-work to honor their fathers and the role of fatherhood in our world. I pray that people would honor fathers as much as we do mothers. I pray that every father feels the nobility of fatherhood unlike they ever have. I pray that a day focused on fathers will cause people to have a greater focus on You.

I know that there are many who don’t have happy thoughts toward their earthly father. I pray that tomorrow’s service will help move people forward in spite of any bad history that may exist between children and fathers. I pray that those who are missing their fathers to death will be able to come and remember their dads and be grateful for what was given. I pray for those who long to be fathers and for one reason or another aren’t right now. 

God would You move in such a way tomorrow that every father in the room would be inspired to be an even better father. I pray that we would see families dramatically changed because dad’s lock in and love their children the way You love us. I pray that many fathers that see their role simply as provider would see a greater role and have the courage to embrace it. I pray fathers would be the man they want their sons to become and their daughters to marry. I pray wives and mothers would help children honor their father. I pray that honor would truly be the atmosphere of our homes. 

God I'm asking You to show up in a noticeable way Sunday. God, I need to grow personally as a father. I need greater patience. Please keep the enemy from discouraging me from teaching boldly. I do not have to be perfect to teach perfect truth! Use me to communicate the high calling of fatherhood and not hold back. God, stir the hearts of fathers and future fathers tomorrow. We are expecting big things! AMEN 

Posted by Andy Savage at 8:51 PM
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