PTC_Proverbs 15 - "God and the game ball"

5/15/13 - PTC_Proverbs 15 - "God and the game ball"
Priority Time Challenge 2013
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Proverbs 15:20-21 & 33 (ESV)

20 A wise son makes a glad father,
but a foolish man despises his mother.
21 Folly is a joy to him who lacks sense,
but a man of understanding walks straight ahead.

33The fear of the Lord is instruction in wisdom,
and humility comes before honor.

This Priority Time post is breaking form a bit, I hope it encourages you just the same…

As I'm writing this post I am shaking off another hard loss of my son's little league team. The kids are on the younger end of the league's age limit and the skill level isn't quite there and the games are slow. The kids get more excited about the snack they get at the end of the game than the game itself. I guess it's all part of being a kid. The reason my mind is here is because I just came from a dugout full of little boys who represent a class of boys at Highpoint. These boys will hopefully continue in church together and possibly be that special group of kids to hit the youth group together in a few short years and prayerfully make an impact on this world as young adults.

These verses from Proverbs 15 are near and dear to this father's heart. I pray with all my heart that Drew, Cooper, Wesley, Ford and Joshua grow up as wise men of God. Nothing would make me more happy. I KNOW that wisdom is what my sons need. Wisdom is the x-factor of success. It is the piece that goes beyond simple smarts and gets into that sense of God's favor.  

The passage also reveals what happens when a son grows up into a man who is foolish - he despises his mother. Tonight at the game, one of our players was hit by a ball while up at bat. The pitcher was throwing fast and when our teammate went down we all knew it hurt. It hit his square in the chest. We all raced to make sure he was ok, and when we got him to his feet there was his mother. On the field to make sure her child was ok. She was not "despised" but she was not going to be ok until she knew he was ok, why…that's what moms do. Don't miss this… when sons act foolish or "act a fool" as my friend Melody says, they despise their mother's deep concern. It is shameful for men to grow up and reject the Lord's wisdom - both because it creates a shameful and regret filled life and it causes pain to those who love them most.

God, I pray that You will bless young men (and women) with a heart and desire for wisdom. I pray that especially in those teenage years that young men will not give in to the myriad of foolish options they have before them. As I'm, praying I think of Mark Conlee. Mark and I have a good relationship and I'm around him a lot these days. I use his name both because I want him to know he is prayed for by people other than his parents and because he represents a generation of teenagers ahead of my kids. God please allow Mark's generation pave the way for my sons. I pray that he and his friends would get a vision from you for their lives and they would give their lives to it. I pray verse 21 - make them men of understanding who walk straight. 

On the drive home from the ball game tonight. Drew and I were discussing the game. He was awarded a game ball for his hustle on the field tonight. That gave me the perfect invitation to talk about the importance of humility. He played well, that is true; however, there's a difference in something being true and bragging about something with the goal of trying to impress people. And tonight I read verse 33 - "humility comes before honor." So many of these themes are just weaving together.

God I want my boys to live in a healthy fear of you. God give them the gift of humility. I pray that knowing that the bulk of becoming humble is choosing humility. God help them see those opportunities so they might cultivate humility. I pray that my sons hear a consistent message from me that "humility comes before honor." Humility is more important than any other form of success out there. The wise son who makes his father glad is a humble son. The conviction in all this is that it begins with me. God I want to be a humble man. I want to walk in wisdom. I want to reject foolishness. 

The enemy does not want this to happen. The enemy is the king of the foolish. God please help me and my sons and Mark and his friends see this. When we give way to foolishness we become servants of the enemy. When we pursue humility and wisdom we become servants of God. It's just that simple. The enemy is seeking to destroy us and get us off course. Lord lead us down the straight and narrow.

Questions for application:
What is the foolish temptation in your life right now?
If your life derailed today, who would suffer because of it?
In what way does your pride have too much "air time?"
Where do you resist humility?
What is one truly wise decision you can make today.

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