PTC_Proverbs 29 - "Will parenting ever get easier?"

6/10/13 - PTC_Proverbs 29 - "Will parenting ever get easier?"
Priority Time Challenge 2013
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Proverbs 29:117 (ESV)

"Discipline your son, and he will give you rest;
he will give delight to your heart."

Here we go again with more focus on discipline. If you are a parent, the Proverbs is a vital resource to remind you of your role. The timing of this couldn't be more perfect for me. Today, I had to pull over my car to settle a small war taking place in my back seat. Then over lunch two of my kids decided to dip their hands in their ketchup and wipe it all over themselves. After dinner, we attempted to clean up which led to multiple temper tantrums and a very painstaking process of cleaning up. All this to say, as I write this, I am very much in need of hearing the call to discipline my boys. To be honest, sometimes I just feel so worn out that I don't bring my bets to parenting my kids. I don't discipline them like they need it. Parenting can be pretty discouraging at times. Thankfully God's word gives us boosts of energy like this.

"discipline you son" - I think you are safe to apply this to both sons and daughters. Our kids need discipline. This means routines, schedules, expectations and follow through. Our kids need us as parents to think about where they are and where they need to be and be willing to set the expectations and hold the line. I am guilty of being too easy on my kids. I guess something in me just wants to see them happy that I can overlook some much needed proactive discipline in their lives.

Discipline takes forethought, courage and persistence. If you give up too early, you will not see the fruit of the discipline. Expect your kids to strongly resist your intentionality. Be consistent and always loving but do not be afraid to be firm. 

"Give you rest" This is what we all want. I can think of countless war-stories I've heard from teenage parents who live in the daily worry filled stress of what their child will do next. Every parent wants to know their child is obedient enough and responsible enough to bring them a sense of peace. I cannot imagine anything so heart-wrenching as the knowledge my child is in harm's way - especially due to his poor choices.

Rest is the promise of discipline. This is the payoff. If we are diligent to discipline our kids they will have the best chance of making good choices and giving us rest. We can live without worry knowing they have been well trained by the daily grind of discipline. 

I pray this post encourages you in the 7000Days journey of parenting. I pray you are filled with hope that the stress and frustration of discipline will result in a long term delight in your heart. Parenting may not every get earlier, but perhaps, through discipline and God's grace you can experience "rest" and "delight." Hang in there. 

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