PTC_Review, Apply & Pray - "Takeaways from week 1 of Proverbs"

4/26/13 - PTC_Review, Apply & Pray - "Takeaways from week 1 of Proverbs"
This week we have trekked through the first four chapters of Proverbs. The investment in God's wisdom is always worth it. This is exactly why we need to have our Priority Time each day. God speaks! Time in God's Word is not an exercise in positive thinking, it is actual communion with God where He delivers His truth and wisdom into our lives for His glory and our good. 

I've been walking through Proverbs for years and it never fails - God speaks. My life is challenged and I am brought to a place of needing to change.
As I review my journal from the week here are my 4 takeaways in my own words.

1. Wisdom cries out. It's available. God is not hiding it waiting for us to come looking. He makes His wisdom abundantly available. How does this change my day? I can walk in confidence knowing that God will give me everything I need to live for Him in this life. In addition to this, there is a difference in the common sense of this world and God's wisdom. Much of what we call common sense belongs in the category of God's wisdom, however, sometimes God's wisdom is not common and doesn't seem to make sense. God's wisdom reflects God's view of things, which is very different than our view of things. We must trust it. It will guard us. 

2. I must pursue. God's wisdom is available and He does not intentionally make things hard for us. There is however, part of the process is the pursuit of God we are to bring to the table. Whenever I lack a strong pursuit of God's wisdom it is evidence that I don't value His wisdom enough. This sounds harsh, but it's true. If I valued God's wisdom based on it's true value I'd purse with passion and diligence. God remind me to be diligent. Prove Your wisdom through my life. When I veer away from Your wisdom, cause it to backfire on me. When I operate according to Your wisdom, cause it to propel my life forward. 
3. Doing good means acting in the now. God, this one gets me every time. I am so selfish. I get so caught up in my schedule and my tasks that I can breeze right by people in need. Lord, make me aware of the needs around me and when I am able to help, may I slow down and help. May I prove Love Works in and through my life. May I be a Good Samaritan. May I be heads up for the underdogs around me.

4. Obedience always has a payoff. Thank You that You did not make our obedience inconsequential. There is ALWAYS a payoff to obedience. Help me to remember that the path of righteousness will always prove right. Help me have patience as I walk with You. Let me not give up on the path of righteousness.
I pray for the many at Highpoint that simply doubt the payoff of obedience and righteousness. God fill them with confidence in Your will and Your ways. I pray that we see a revival of holiness and righteousness. I pray that the effects are seen clearly in marriages, families, social circles and work circles. We will never see lasting change in our lives or our society until believers believe You enough to stay on the path of righteousness.

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Posted by Andy Savage at 9:10 PM
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