PTC_Review, Apply & Pray - "Takeaways from week 3 of Proverbs"

5/10/13 - PTC_Review, Apply & Pray - "Takeaways from week 3 of Proverbs"

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Today we take a look back at the last few days to review, apply and pray. If you are even somewhat consistent in your priority time, you know that feeling of experiencing a powerful truth from God's Word on one day, then another the next day and  by the end of a week you can forget some of the powerful things God has spoken into your life. The whole purpose of having a priority time is to make room for God's Word in your life. We want to apply the truth to our lives. We want to see our lives change.

Below I've included the "personal application" sections from my previous posts this week and some additional thoughts for each one.

Monday: Proverbs 9:1-6 & 13-18
For me, this text reveals the daily competition for my attention. God forbid me from becoming cocky and thinking I've attained something on my own. Keep me humble in this pursuit of You. I need to recommit today to being at Your table daily. God, I need fellowship with You. I need to dine on Your wisdom. I also need to do better in my leadership of others to encourage and even challenge them to prioritize their own decisive action to answer Your invitation.

- I need to be diligent to get daily time with God and the pursuit of humility.

Tuesday, Proverbs 10:19-21
I need to be more mindful of my speech. As a wordy guy, I need to be proactive to limit some of my speech as a way to reduce sin in my life. Likewise, I need to spend most of my words, spoken and written on the list above. That list could just about consume all my words every day!

- My speech is likely my greatest opportunity for success of failure in relationships.

Wednesday, Proverbs 11:25-26
There are so many ways to think through this and apply it to my life. God, I think of the need for me to grow in my generosity in straight up financial giving. We have systematic and percentage giving built in as a discipline. I feel good about that but what would it look like to set a goal for additional giving above and beyond that. Could I make a 5-figure gift in the next year? That seems impossible, but I know You are able! Could I give a 6-figure gift in the next decade? Could a give a 7-figure gift at some point in my lifetime?  I also think about the generosity needed from me and my family for me to travel and speak. I believe You have given me a ministry that needs to be exported beyond Highpoint and Memphis. I pray that I would not hoard those investments You have give me. I want to be able to speak places and not require an honorarium. On the daily level and reflecting on yesterday's post, help me be generous with nourishing words. There are easily 20-50 people i'll encounter today that need a nourishing word.

- I need to be more aggressive in my pursuit of generosity. No more concern about not having enough, my concern will be giving enough.

Thursday, Proverbs 12:4
Amanda is a crown for me. She is honorable, not perfect, but works hard to show me respect and create value across the board in my life and in our family. I need to do a better job telling her how thankful I am for her. She is an awesome mom. She is a wise teacher and counselor. If other husbands knew all she is and does they would be jealous!!

- I have a blessed life because of an excellent wife. This demands that I not take Amanda for granted.

God, if these 4 truths sank in and became a reality in my life I would grow in my relationship with You. I'd see my speech bless others and cultivate better relationships. I would see God break those streaks of greed and selfishness and 


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