PTC_Review, Apply & Pray - "Takeaways from week 4 of Proverbs"

5/17/13 - PTC_Review, Apply & Pray - "Takeaways from week 4 of Proverbs"
Priority Time Challenge 2013
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Let me encourage you to keep application alive and well in your Priority Time. It is vital that we not simply read the Bible and pray but allow God's word to penetrate the hard parts of our lives that need softening. As I look back on the applications of this week I see a few themes:

I need to continually fight for consistency. Today is a prime example of being inconsistent. I'm tired so I'm not firm when I need to be, then things get further out of control and I end up raising my voice and expecting my kids to suddenly turn and obey. It's my fault for allowing them too much leniency and then trying to reel that in and correct it all at once. I know this stuff better in my head than in reality sometimes. My problem is not knowledge it's practice. I need to learn from other parents. I need to be constantly equipped.

I need to be more diligent to pray for our nation. I need to pray for our president. I need to pray that the political leaders that build careers on sin would be found out and displaced from leadership. I need to remember that the simple, private and unnoticed decisions to choose righteousness is never wasted. 

Questions for application:
What is the foolish temptation in your life right now?
If your life derailed today, who would suffer because of it?
In what way does your pride have too much "air time?"
Where do you resist humility?
What is one truly wise decision you can make today?

Cultivate humility. There is no other option. If our bent is pride and arrogance, we must put the work in for humility. I think about my yard, growing weeds is EASY. That's what happens when I do nothing. Growing grass, or anything else desirable takes work. It means pulling weed or paying someone to spray weed killer on your grass. It means fertilizer and proper care. It means sunlight and water. A desirable outcome take cultivation. Humility takes cultivation. We must realize that every day we are fighting with our sinful nature and the fast growing weed of arrogance.

Major Themes:
Impatience with my kids happens too much. I have to work on my attitude. I usually internalize that frustration and it comes off as disconnected and put out by them I don't want it to be that way.
Our nation needs righteousness. Our nation needs the Church to make righteousness our personal practice more than our soap box.
Foolish temptations are literally everywhere. I must remember that there is a spiritual enemy that seeks to steal, kill and destroy me. 
Humility is the hardest lesson to learn and apparently there is no mastery of it. I feel like its a "God help me" sort of process toward humility.

God I pray that you help me overcome the feeling of impatience with the boys. I pray for a more organized life that allows me freedom to think and process and be mentally free when I need to be. Coming off yesterday's quick road trip I realize how much I need that kind of down time to think and pray. God help me carve that time out. I pray that I'm head's up for temptations. The more I experience Your blessing the more I feel there is too much to lose over something foolish. I never want to be naive of the temptations that come my way. I pray for a spirit of humility over Highpoint Church starting with our staff on down. We will not see revival without humility. Revival means elevating Jesus above all and that means humility is required. Thank You for the encouraging work you are doing in the Highpoint Family. It seems everyday another person crosses my path with a story of radical change YOU orchestrated through this church. I pray that you prepare me and our church for the summer series. I pray Your anointing on the Song of Solomon. I pray for breakthrough moments for marriages and especially singles. I pray that this series might radically change the way singles date in Memphis. I pray that You create more traction for the Making Marriage Make Sense class and give us the opportunity to help more couples start married life right. God we need You more than we even know. Today, I ask on behalf of all who are reading this post that You strengthen their faith and help them follow you fully!  AMEN


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