PTC_Review, Apply & Pray - "Takeaways from week 5 of Proverbs"

5/24/13 - PTC_Review, Apply & Pray - "Takeaways from week 5 of Proverbs" This week we have walked through Proverbs 17-20. If you have not been able to keep up, let me encourage you to take the time to read those chapters and listen for God's wisdom speak to your life. I would also invite you to take a few minutes to pray for a few things coming up, especially if you are part of Highpoint Church.

1. Pray for the Love Song series starting June 2. I am excited to see how God will use this series on the heels of Chris' series on Overcoming that Voice.
2. Pray for those still dealing with the aftermath of the tornadoes in Oklahoma. Lots of hurting people and the recovery will be long and hard.
3. Pray for our kids and students that are our of school for the summer. Pray for opportunities for families to make the most of these special days in the 7000Days journey!

Here are my thoughts and applications from this week:

Monday: Proverbs 17
How do we handle God's testing? I think we all need to understand that God only tests us because He knows we have junk within us that needs to be surfaced and dealt with. That's how i've felt all month. As we've tracked through Proverbs together i've had to face and deal with my junk. God's word is forcing to the forefront those things i had tucked away. My friend David Edwards has said a thousand times, "God loves us where we are but loves us too much to leave us there." It is because of God's love for us that He will not allow us to go untested. 

I need to be more diligent to plan my time and anticipate the strew points of my day/week. In the midst of the busyness this month I've allowed some of my diligence and discipline slip. We have too much going on for me to be lax. I also need to be more accepting of God's testing. Right now He is all over me on my impatience. He is making me a better parent, but right now it doesn't feel that way.

Tuesday: Proverbs 18
You cannot underestimate your friendships. You need to think hard about the friends you keep. While you are thinking, consider what kind of friend you are to those you run with. I am so grateful for the friends I have. Even the example of Casey showing up for the prayer time proved again how much I am able to lean on friends when I need to. 

Think about it…
- Who is your best friend?
- Do they create a positive or negative current in your life?
- Are you proud of the direction your life is headed?
- What kind of current do you create in others' lives?

Wednesday: Proverbs 19
God, I pray for Your wisdom for this day. I pray You help me see foolishness long before I have the chance to consider it. I pray for the parents reading this. Nothing is more concerning than knowing your kids will make foolish choices and will have to learn the hard way on some things. God, protect our kids. I pray for the ability to bring planned, positive and proactive discipline to my boys. I feel like we end up just reacting to all the minor infractions that we are missing the opportunity to prepare them for the major challenges that are no doubt ahead. Help us make the most of our 7000Days.

Application questions:
What is an area of foolishness you allow in your life right now?
What is the #1 area of discipline your child/children need right now (be specific for each child)?
What percentage of the discipline in your home is planned, positive and proactive vs reactive?

Thursday: Proverbs 20 
Where am I tempted to be dishonest? I can tell you as a people pleaser in recovery, that I am often tempted to "differ the weights/measures" in order to make others see me in a better light. I love impressing others. Over the last 5 or so years, God has been at work in me helping me see the difference in the value of people being impressed with me and people being impressed with God in me. 

Are there unresolved lies or misconceptions about you out there? This is a very pointed question and one I even hesitate to think through completely. But if there are dishonest statements still present in your relationship please go and correct them. This happened to me earlier this year. Someone gave me a wonderful gift for Christmas, a few weeks later they saw me and asked about the gift. I didn't want to tell them that I exchanged it for something else, so I lied. In the minutes to follow I felt the conviction that the Lord "detested" my lie. So, I found that friend and cleared the air and apologized. I lied and I was wrong. I immediately felt both embarrassed by my silly lie and relief that the situation was cleared up. I believe every time we are intentional to correct our bad choices we build a bigger and bigger case against that bad decision for the future. 

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