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This weekend we celebrated The Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus. Every year at Highpoint Church we do Good Friday and Easter Sunday in a BIG way. As part of the Good Friday presentation I wrote the following script for what is now known as the "Saturday" video. I was inspired by the book by John Ortberg called, Who Is This Man, which I HIGHLY recommend to you!  Please enjoy and share!

"Saturday" script
Today is Good Friday. Sunday is Easter. What is tomorrow? 

Have you ever wondered why there is a Saturday? 

We know where this story is going, Jesus died, but on Sunday He is raised from the dead, so why is there a Saturday?
Why didn't God just get on with things?
Can you imagine how the disciples felt after the horrific whirlwind of events on Friday?

Just hours before Jesus was breaking bread with his disciples - now His lifeless body was being placed in a grave.
Their dreams were crushed. They believed in Him. They gave their lives to His cause.
They watched Him heal the sick, cast out demons, even raise the dead.
Jesus did EVERYTHING to prove He was the True Messiah except this ONE day.
Jesus died.
Jesus failed.

We all get Friday. 
Friday is the day things fall apart. 
Friday is the day of loss.
Friday is the day of shattered dreams.

We all get Sunday.
Sunday is the day of redemption.
Sunday is answered prayer.
Sunday is the miracle.

But what is Saturday?
Saturday is waking up in the reality of Friday and NOT knowing when or if Sunday will ever come.
Saturday is that ever growing fear that God has forgotten you.
Saturday your stomach turns because you just don't know if you can go on.
Saturday is crying out for God and getting NO ANSWER.

Countess people are living in the Saturday of life.
Broken marriage.
Wayward children.
Financial turmoil.
Job loss.
Death of a loved one.
You've watched everything fall apart, your fears have come true, you are more needy for God than ever and God is nowhere to be found. 

You are in good company. 
Jesus' best friends had to face Saturday.
Saturday forces us to make a choice about what we believe...AND you have some options…

You can choose Despair: you can forfeit hope, manage your disappointment and just live with the pain.
You can choose Denial: You can quote platitudes, simplistic explanations, manufacture optimism and pretend - the problem is you don't believe what you're saying and neither does anyone else.

Or you can WAIT…
Waiting stinks. 
Waiting means we hold pain in one hand and hope in the other.
Waiting means we pray, we whine, we complain and we trust.
We trust God even when He feels miles away. 
Waiting does not deny reality, nor does it forfeit hope.

Saturday is about simply holding on because we believe Sunday's coming.
Tonight you witnessed the power of the cross.
The cross forever answers the question "does God care?" 
He cares and He will see you through until Sunday comes.
Jesus died on FRIDAY to give you hope on SATURDAY to make it to SUNDAY.
When you wake up tomorrow remember Sunday is coming...

Posted by Andy Savage at 7:55 PM
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