Saturday Prayer :: July 12, 2014

Heavenly Father,

I pray for this Sunday at Highpoint. I have truly seen the First Things First series making a difference in peoples lives. I pray that we are able to see more and more life change in these critical areas. God, would you give people the courage to make decisions to put first things first?

Truthfully, most people cannot fathom what it means to prioritize holiness, home and health. I pray as we enter into another discussion about health that people will not feel discouraged and their health but would feel motivated to honor You with their bodies. I pray you give me the ability to teach these difficult truths in a balanced but firm way. I pray that you would change people's mentality regarding food and drink from being selfish and self-centered to an approach of "Lordship and love."

God, thank you for always refocusing us on love. It is truly the law above every other law. Our people need to understand that following Christ is not a list of rules and regulations but a life governed by the law of love, which includes even the simplest choices of what we put in our bodies and how we conduct our lives.

God, we need the majority of our church to be growing and getting healthier so that we are able to reach more people who are unhealthy and have greater needs. We will never be able to meet the needs of the masses until the majority of people at Highpoint are stable, relatively healthy and growing. I pray that this summer will result in a church that is more holy, more focused on home and more healthy so that you can use us to impact of this community in a greater way.

Lord, I pray for Chris as he continues the Overcoming That Voice series in Collierville. I pray that many are freed from the voices that haunt them and keep them from truly pursuing your purpose and your best for their lives.

Thank you for the great experience our students had at camp this past week. I pray that all of our students and kids who had camp experiences this summer would bear fruit not only in the days to follow but the months to follow them throughout the school year. I pray you bless families with kids and students who are learning to live for you.

And God, I continue to pray for the next big season of ministry as the school year gets closer and closer to starting. Please prepare our staff, our ministry leaders and our people to be ready for all that you want to do this fall. Lead us to pray and expect big things in our church and across Memphis.

For everyone reading this post, join me in praying for this Sunday that we would arrive not with a casual attitude of summer but rather an expectant attitude looking for God to work. God, we want to experience all that you have for us this Sunday.


Posted by Andy Savage at 06:00
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