Saturday Prayer for Highpoint Collierville

Heavenly Father,
Thank you for the beauty of this Saturday morning. Thank you for all You did through the Good Friday and Easter Sunday services last week! You are doing something truly special in our church. Thank you for Lance Scarbrough’s leadership at HPC and I pray YOU continue to multiply his investment in people to build this campus to reach its full potential. Thank you for all those who took the time and effort to “invest & invite.” It is so more than a simple invitation to church, it is an invitation to experience the movement of God in this church family. I pray that some invitations will come true tomorrow as well. I pray that we will see people return with renewed commitment tomorrow ready to receive what You have for them.

This morning I am filled with expectation about the next 4 weeks at Highpoint Collierville. God, I pray that the Satisfied series would be a landmark series for HPC. I pray against any mentality that this series is about money. God you proved that at HPE, this series is about our hearts. We NEED more messages that force us to see where we have allowed other things to compete with You. We NEED the challenge to reorder our lives around finding our satisfaction in YOU. We all need to reconsider the role money/material things play in our lives and how we are fueling Your movement. I pray this series will be a season of spiritual growth for the entire body at HPC.

God, I ask YOU to bring a noticeable change in the culture of HPC. I pray against the enemy as he would continue to try to disrupt Your work at HPC. I pray that any negative and disruptive voices would be silenced and Your Spirit would have full reign. I pray people feel a sense of Your Spirit the moment they drive on the property. I pray we would see a shift in how our people participate in the service from the majority coming and observing to the majority coming and engaging. I pray for full participation from the “pre-roll” and first song to the response time. God we want our church to be a church that is eager to engage what YOU are doing. Watching YOU work is not enough for us! We want to be involved, engaged and in the middle of the action! 

God, I pray we take on the “give our guest our best” mentality every Sunday at HPC. I pray people park a little further away so guests get better spots. I pray people shake hands and welcome people when they arrive. I pray every serve role is filled and executed with excellence. I pray the challenges of being in a rented space would be overcome by the love and kindness of our people. I pray our regulars would never underestimate the importance of being there each Sunday. Presence matters and engaged presence matters most!  I pray YOU move in unprecedented ways in these next 4 weeks at HPC! God we need YOU more than we know. I pray we all arrive to HPC tomorrow with great expectations for YOUR work in our lives.

Lord, we WILL elevate Jesus tomorrow and as we do I pray YOU draw all men to Yourself! In the name of Jesus we pray, AMEN.

Posted by Andy Savage at 8:29 AM
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