Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters

I'm a huge Meg Meeker fan. I love her books and she is probably the most gracious interview i've done on the Andy Savage Radio Show & Podcast. Meg's book, Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters is one that every dad with a little girl needs to read. In fact, go order it right now here

! Below are some interesting facts on how fathers shape daughters and some insights into the world our daughters are facing today. If you weren't convinced of a father's role in the home, this should do it!  


Ten Secrets Every Father Should Know 
By Meg Meeker, M.D. 
Did You Know…
  • Toddlers securely attached to fathers are better at solving problems.   
  • With fathers present in the home, kids manage school stress better.   
  • Girls with doting fathers are more assertive.   
  • Daughters who perceive that their fathers care a lot about them, and who feel connected to their fathers have significantly fewer suicide attempts and fewer instances of body dissatisfaction, depression, low self-esteem, substance use, and unhealthy weight.   
  • Girls with involved fathers are twice as likely to stay in school.   
  • A daughter’s self-esteem is best predicted by her father’s physical affection.   
  • Girls whose parents divorce or separate before they turn twenty-one tend to have shorter life spans by four years.   
  • Girls with good fathers are less likely to flaunt themselves to seek male attention.   
  • Fathers help daughters become more competent, more achievement-oriented, and more successful.   
  • Girls with involved fathers wait longer to initiate sex and have lower rates of teen pregnancy.    
  • Girls who live solely with their mothers have significantly less ability to control impulses, delay gratification, and have a weaker sense of conscience or right and wrong.   
  • Kids do better academically if their fathers establish rules and exhibit affection.   
  • Teen girls who live with both parents are three times less likely to lose their virginity before their sixteenth birthdays.   
  • 76 percent of teen girls said that fathers influenced their decisions on whether they should become sexually active. One in five Americans over age twelve tests positive for genital herpes.                   
  • 46.7 percent of students (girls and boys) will be sexually active before high school ends.             
  • Engaging in sex puts girls at higher risk for depression.             
  • 11.5 percent of females attempted suicide last year.                                                                         
  • 27.8 percent of high school students (female and male) drank alcohol before age thirteen.   
  • Parent connectedness is the number-one factor in preventing girls from engaging in premarital sex and indulging in drugs and alcohol.  
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