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"Tech Savvy Parenting" - 2012/8/27 - KL pending Parents are always looking for great resources to help in the #7000day journey from crib to college. When I run across something helpful, I always try to get the word out. My friend, Brian Housman, has just released a great new resource called, Tech Savvy Parenting. This resource answers some of the most frequently asked questions by parents today. It seems parents today are having to navigate never-before-seen dynamics with technology and media advancing faster than anyone can keep up with. 

Brian's book, well actually is a cool new "video enhanced e-book," will guide you as you try to stay on top of the technology and media coming at your kids everyday. I love that Brian selected this video enhances e-book format. This actually requires parents to engage the world their kids are immersed in. 

  Tech Savvy Parenting is filled with video content, charts, and photos that takes parents deeper into the issues. Every study that is referenced is also linked directly to a website so parents can read more about the issues later. Brian has a brilliant way of making us aware of what's out there and equipping us with the tools, language and steps to make us confident parents where technology and media is concerned. Many of you will have to learn a new media just to read this book!  I say, bravo to Brian for stretching parents to maintain relevance and close connection with their kids.

I cannot urge you strongly enough to get this resource. You can find this "video enhanced book" on Amazon and coming soon to Apple iBooks.

Happy parenting and remember, you've only got #7000days!

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