5 ways to have a great Thanksgiving holiday with your family

Five ways to make this Thanksgiving holiday the best one yet!

1. Everyone verbalize something they are thankful for in the last year. Consider drafting a 2012 thanksgiving document to record the history of God's faithfulness year after year. These documents will become a way to memorialize the goodness of God that becomes a stabilizing force when you face difficult  times.

2. Eat well. Feasting is one of the ways God calls us to celebrate. Feasting is the flip side of fasting. When we fast we deny ourselves of food in order to reacquaint ourselves with our need for God. When we feast we recognize that God has filled our needs and blesses us with abundance to enjoy. By eating well you are actively enjoying the gifts of God. Feasting should never stop with the turkey and dressing. Allow the abundance of good food point you to the Giver of all good things.

3. Take Communion together as a family. This may sound intimidating but something worth giving a try. A good time to do it is at the start of the official Thanksgiving meal. sacred practice is designed to remind true believers in Christ of His great sacrifice which purchased our salvation and Eternal life. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to pause and remember the sacrifice of Jesus and say "Thank you" by confessing sin and refreshing your commitment to Christ. An important reason to take Communion is to avoid the tendency to allow the Thanksgiving holiday to be generic. Thanksgiving is and always has been a day where we say Thank You to God for His blessings. Don't let it be generic.

4. Fellowship with family. I know many of you dread another holiday with your extended families. However, this special day gives you the opportunity to value your closest relationships. Instead of constantly checking Facebook and Twitter, try separating from your phone and giving undivided attention to your family and friends. You will never regret placing importance and honor toward your family members.

5. Help out. Every family has an over-responsible person who takes on the lion share of the burden of getting things done at family gatherings. This person opts for hours in the kitchen preparing and cleaning up and miss out on those rare family moments. Stuff has to get done. Decide this year that you will contribute and help out. Don't let the over-responsible person hide in the kitchen and miss important family moments and conversations. Try serving together and make mundane tasks a vibrant relational time for family.

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Posted by Andy Savage at 7:26 AM
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