The Waves of Discouragement

Do you ever wonder if God cares about your situation? Discouragement is a funny thing. Anytime I go through a season or moment of discouragement, I am reminded just how fragile I am. I’m typically a fairly up-beat person and enjoy life. However, there are times when the strong, confident, self-assured part of me is shut down and replaced by an insecure, doubt-filled, fearful self. Discouragement can come from a thousand different sources and here’s what I’ve learned: you will not stop the forces of discouragement. Discouragement is like the waves in the ocean. There are times when the water is fairly still, those are the good days. And there are times when the waves threaten to take you under. Like the open sea, you can go from calm to raging storm with little warning. So, what can we do?
You won’t stop the waves but you can anchor your life to a sure foundation. The ancient Israelites were in what seemed like a relentless storm of discouragement and doubt. Their slavery in Egypt all but stole their faith that God cared. Years of suffering under the harsh rule of the Pharaoh made them question their hope everyday. Yet, behind the scenes, on the “far side of the desert” actually, God was working. God appears as a burning bush to Moses and on that holy ground Moses hears the words that would anchor the Israelites forever.
Exodus 3:7-8
"The LORD said, "I have indeed seen the misery of my people in Egypt. I have heard them crying out because of their slave drivers, and I am concerned about their suffering. So I have come down to rescue them…”
Discouragement ALWAYS lies about God. These words from God confronted the lies that He had somehow forgotten His people. These words confronted the claims that God didn’t care. These words announced the plan of God to do what the people could not do for themselves. To this day Jewish families still praise God for the great act of deliverance from Egypt from the days of Moses. This question of God’s faithfulness was forever answered. God came to the rescue.
God sees.
God hears.
God rescues.
This simple passage of scripture can also be your anchor today. God is a rescuer. This is why He sent Jesus. Jesus was the new and better Moses. Jesus was the promise of God that He sees, He hears, He cares and He rescues. Jesus was the once and for answer to anything that might threaten our confidence in God. The discouragement you face is real, but it is NOT overlooked. Like the Israelite slaves in Egypt who had no idea what God was doing in that desert, you also may have to wait for Him. But remember...God sees. God hears. God cares. God rescues. Will you wait for Him?
Posted by Andy Savage at 15:22
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