Tommy Nelson's marriage advice

"Tommy Nelson's marriage advice" - 2013/03/06 - KL pending
Highpoint Church and Downline Ministries came together last night to produce a special marriage event with Tommy Nelson here in Memphis. Tommy's message was a convergence of outstanding Biblical truth delivered with conviction, life experience and humor. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard at a marriage event! To watch the video click the link below and feel free to check out my notes below.  Enjoy!

Watch Tommy Nelson here.

What you WIFE thought you meant when you said, "I do."

1. Your wife was thinking tenderness, sensitivity, gentleness, kindness
Treat her different than a man.
How I speak to her and of her.
How I treat her in public and private.

2. A woman wants to be treated with honor
Publicly testify to your wife's greatness.
A woman has a need for a hormone she doesn't produce - esteem/honor.
A man is to be a good man to his wife as Christ is a good Savior to His Church.

3. She needs appreciation
Think more and more of her everyday.
Honor her for what she does.
"Thank you for loving me, caring for kids, etc."
Don't take her for granted.

4. She was thinking provision
Men gotta work.
Wives don't do well with guys who sit on the couch.
Women don't have to work, men HAVE TO.

5. She wants a leader
Women want to be with a leader.
There was no jump ball - man you were given leadership in the home from God.

6. She wants a model for her children
She wants to point to her husband and say to her kids, "That is what God is like."

7. She wants support in discipline
Back her up.
Do not subvert her as a parent.
Women do the lion share of discipline.

8. A woman has to have development
She cannot wonder where her life would have gone if she hadn't married you.
Support her dreams.
Notice her talents and develop her.

9. She needs affection
NST = non sexual touch

10. She wants romance
Spontaneity is better then efficiency.
Kind notes.

11. She has to have security.
No porn. 
Nobody else gets into his heart.
No competition.
Women don't do well with worry.
Give them no cause to worry.

12. Your wife needs sex
Some women are starved for sex.

13. She wants a listening ear
Look at her and listen.
Listen to her with your face.
She talks not to get your answers - she already knows the answer!
She wants to be a listening ear - talk to her.

14. She needs help around the house
Be involved in lightening her load.

15. Needs you to be handsome.
Not perfect, but care about the way you look in her eyes.

What you HUSBAND thought you meant when you said "I do."

1. Respect
A man's home and wife is the one place/person a man can go to and find respect and support.
Treat the man in a respectful way.

2. Appreciation
Men want to be thanked.
Men want to be informed on purchases.
Honor his income.

3. A clean house
To manage the home
Reasonably kept
The wife is the point man on the home front.
The home is your Eden.

4. A woman has got to be pretty
Stay lovely.
No one stays young, but you can stay lovely.

5. A mother to his children
Moms bear the brunt of child rearing
A woman's purpose is not to teach men but to raise them.
The greatest need a child has early on is a peaceful home.
Kids cannot bear life in a home of disunity.
A woman's greatest calling is to raise great kids.

6. Sex
Men need a responsive wife.
What he hears, sees, smells and feels is important.
He wants a woman to delight in him.

Final thoughts...
Must love each other unconditionally based on obedience to God.
Give your mate some help to love unconditionally.
Be in the Word of God everyday.
We can't do marriage right on our own.
Develop your like for one another.
Love is fairly easy and clear.
Dying for your wife is unlikely to ever happen.
But we do need to learn to be nice and like her.
Be kind.
Be a great friend.

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