What kids need to hear from their dad (Part 2)

This post is part 2 of "What kids need to hear from their dad.” I cannot stress enough the importance of a father’s words to his children. Take this list and add it to what you already say to your children and give them a mental sound track that gives them life as they grow up!
To your daughters...
Speak of their total beauty.  As her father, make it your mission to be a louder and more complete voice regarding her beauty. Our society is relentless in measuring a woman’s beauty on external traits alone. You must speak to her complete beauty. Make sure she understands that beauty is ALWAYS measured in the total package, inside and out, and prayerfully she will not ever believe the lies of the world.
Call your daughter into purity. Your role as a father is to help your daughter see her value both emotionally and physically. Guard her purity by helping her see the importance of sexual purity and giving her insider information on how boys think. Call her to embrace purity as the perfect plan for finding love, acceptance and intimacy. Do not ever stop this message until a worthy man comes to take her hand.
Expect her to be modest. Do not allow her to to be played by a culture that objectifies women. Do not go passive here dads! Just because you feel out of the loop on fashion trends and what “all the other kids are doing,” that does not nullify your voice in this matter. You do know the mind of men and you must protect your daughter from unintentionally presenting herself in a way that invites the worst in young men. Modesty is a vital discipline that promotes her best interest.
Bless her with limits. Limits are statements of value. We always place limits on those things we consider important. If we fail to give our daughters limits we communicate that we do not consider them important. Limits are vital for kids because they are frankly not smart enough or wise enough to make good decisions. The limits you place on them is a gift that teaches them what wisdom feels like.
Show her by example the kind of man she should be looking for to marry - make the standard high. Dads, you are the model of manhood for your daughter as she sets her sights on romance. You will be the one who helps her see the difference in the talk and the walk. You have the opportunity to give her the kind of love that becomes the standard she uses to evaluate all other loves against. When you love her with the love of Christ, she will begin to look for a man who resembles the same quality.
When possible and appropriate, point her to her mother as the model of womanhood. I know not every mother is a worthy model to follow. If you daughter’s mother displays godly character, then point her toward her mother and tell her, “be like her.” This accomplishes both a wonderful role model for your daughter and models what a godly man says about the mother of his child.
In short, Dads, be the man you want your sons to become and your daughters to marry. This is probably the best advice I can give. Fatherhood is not for the weak or faint of heart. But, you can do it! No more excuses, no more fear. Go Dad! 
Miss part 1? Click here. This list came from part of a message I taught on Father’s Day. Click here to watch the entire message. 
Posted by Andy Savage at 12:33 PM
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