When your kids become parents

"When your kids become parents" - 2013/01/15 - KL pending Parents, you hear me beat the drum of 7000 Days constantly. I want every parent to resonate with the reality that this time with our kids is short. It only takes 7000 days to raise kids from crib to college. Stop right now and do the math. I just calculated that I have 3,715 days left with my oldest. The days are slipping by faster than I could have ever imagined.

Now that I have you thinking, I want to give you a very uncomfortable mental picture…your kids as parents! You see, these little people that test our last ounce of patience will one day have kids of their own. They will be the ones working all day, trying to keep up with life and always wishing for more sleep! That day will arrive much sooner than you think.

The reason you need to think about this is because you are creating the next generation of parents RIGHT NOW. One of the great danger of parenting is allowing the pace of life to numb you to the reality that you are instilling values in your kids every day. You are "carving a groove" of how life works for your kids. This is the groove the will grow up in, it is their "normal." What you do in parenting is at least in part replicated by your kids when they grow up. This is why you make the most of every day.  Below I have 10 ways parents can make the most of their 7000 days. You can start any or all of these today!

1. Have a serious conversation with your spouse about disciplining your kids.
2. Do something to make your kids laugh today.
3. Make a decision to be home 4 or more nights of the week.
4. Pray with your kids before bed.
5. Turn off the TV and play a game that requires your kids to talk.
6. Let your kids plan the events of an entire Saturday - only catch... it has to include you!
7. Do not let obvious character flaws persist. Address them proactively, not just reactively.
8. Make your kids contribute around the house with NO pay.
9. Go on a date with your spouse and leave your kids at home.
10. Read a parenting book. Always grow as a parent.

Hope these help. I'd love to hear your comments. Which one will you try?

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Posted by Andy Savage at 8:49 PM
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