My Top 10s for Year Ten

"My Top 10's for Year Ten" 2012/09/27 - published
This weekend we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of Highpoint Church. This is truly an exciting milestone. Just over 10 years ago, God called me to join in this work. It's hard to believe that it has been 10 years. There have been many highs and lows along the way. In today's post, I want to share a few top 10 lists in the first 10 years of Highpoint Church.

My top 10 memorable moments:
  1. Opening day - watching the 431 people show up in a room that seated 375.
  2. First baptisms at the Barron's house.
  3. The Loop (our sity-wide singles ministry) on location at Hard Rock Cafe Memphis.
  4. Repelling to the stage from the catwalk during the "We Are Soldiers" series. 
  5. Baptizing Frank "Big Easy" Buescher.
  6. Releasing the Giant Love book.
  7. Participating in almost every family dedication we've had at HP.
  8. Every Blue Loop Christmas event.
  9. Watching our family ministry double during the #7000days series. ( >sermons)
  10. Baptizing my son Drew. ( > going public)

My top 10 teaching series: Most of these are available to watch at >sermons
  1. Boiling Point - 2008
  2. Curveball - 2007 (Loop series)
  3. The House Always Wins - 2004 (Loop series)
  4. Wholehearted - 2009
  5. Hero - 2011
  6. Fallen - 2009
  7. High Noon - 2008 (Loop series)
  8. When Mars & Venus Collide - 2006 (Loop series)
  9. 7000Days - 2009
  10. A Ridiculous Idea Called Marriage - 2011

My top 10 lessons learned 
  1. Perseverance is required in ANY work of God.
  2. People are people, adjust expectations accordingly.
  3. Creativity is hard work but worthy work.
  4. Conflict is not the problem, unwillingness to deal with conflict is the problem.
  5. My family is the most important ministry.
  6. The Gospel still changes lives.
  7. It's NOT about me.
  8. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. The faster we recognize this and play to our strengths the better.
  9. Err on the side of believing the best, being generous and saying, "thank you."
  10. Mourn the losses and celebrate the wins.

Don't forget the two big events we are hosting for this weekend celebration:

"The First Ten" Friday, September 28 at 6:30pm at 6000 Briarcrest Ave.
"The Next Ten" Sunday services, September 30 9am &10:45am followed by the "Going Public picnic"

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