You Know Too Much

You Know Too Much
Recently, I was asked to participate in a special "welcome to manhood" dinner for a young man turning 13. It was a rite of passage type event much like the Jewish Bar Mitzvah. A handful of men, each who had a personal relationship with the young man, were invited to attend and present a challenge as he entered into this new world of responsibility as a man. The following is my challenge to this young man and something I plan to pass on to each of my boys. For those of you with teenage boys please consider this another tool in your toolbox to challenge and invest in the young man in your life. I hope it makes sense!

You know too much...
To believe this life is all about you.
To think you got here on your own.
To live an isolated life.
To ever try to run from God.

You know too much...
To think you can get away with sin.
To pretend everything is always "ok."
To boast in your own goodness, faith or strength.
To think your real impact is tomorrow.

You know too much...
To be lazy.
To be indecisive.
To forget you belong to the Church of Jesus Christ.
To believe God can't.

You know too much...
To dream small dreams.
To settle for a mediocre marriage.
To think you can manage your sin.
To work simply for a paycheck.

You know too much...
To be selfish.
To be greedy or materialistic.
To try to please people.
To neglect the weak, the needy or the hurting.

You know too much...
To stop learning.
To hurt people for a laugh.
To underestimate the enemy.
To ever forget the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.

You know too much...
To be undisciplined.
To act a fool.
To be passive.
To be a quitter.

You know too much...
To be sexually immoral.
To pursue pleasure more than holiness.
To use your words for evil.
To choose bad friends.

You know too much...
To fear God's will.
To have a "religious spirit."
To think you deserve special treatment.
To live a guilt-ridden, Christian life.

You know too much...
To make excuses.
To spend more than you make.
To think you can make it without prayer.
To let you Bible collect dust.

You know too much...
To ever treat a woman poorly.
To complain about anything.
To forget how much your family loves you.
To believe you best days are behind you.

You know too much to forget whose you are.
Ephesians 4:1 "As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received."

By Andy Savage
Posted by Andy Savage at 11:11 PM
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