Who yells at you?

Every time I walk into the gym for my workout I get the sense that I’m in a growth process that goes beyond my physical fitness. If we would simply pay attention a little more I think we would all see that our regular, everyday routine offers rich life lessons to help us grow.

Is growth on your mind? I don’t want to assume that you already consider your life to be a growth process. However, I would bet that at different times you give some serious thought to where your life is going. I absolutely love taking time to think through the future of my life. I usually don’t think too far out, but Ilike to fast-forward a bit and get a vision for where my life is going. If I don’t like it then I have to decide what needs to change. This is what it means to view life as a growth process. I urge you to take some time regularly to look ahead and decide if you like where your life is headed or not. If not, make a change.

Making a change is hard. Understatement of the year, right? Change can be very difficult. We are creatures of habit and those habits run deep! Which brings me back to my experience this week at the gym. I work out under the guidance of a trainer. Every time I go to the gym, I face a trainer. I have adopted this approach because I have realized that I will not reach my goals without help. If I can reach my goals without help, I have a goal setting problem. I need goals that push me past what I think I can do. This particular day, at two different instances in my work out, my trainer yelled at me to push through and continue the work out when it was obvious I wanted to quit. My trainer understands my goals; he is a partner in my growth process. I have imported a motivating voice because I know I will quit too early and end up frustrated because I failed to reach my goals. This is why he yelled at me. I needed it.

You need it too. Not only to reach fitness objectives but in your spiritual disciplines, your marriage, your parenting and your career goals. Who yells at you? Have you imported key relationships to help you accomplish what you would otherwise give up on? Here are some questions to begin making change in your life…

1. What area of my life needs change?
2. What is a goal for this needed change that is just beyond my reach?
3. Who will I import into this change process to“yell at me” so I do not quit?

If you are serious about change identify the goal and find someone who cares enough to yell at you!
FYI... I love my gym so I will shamelessly promote it for any who are in the Memphis area... CrossFit Bartlett.

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Posted by Andy Savage at 10:31 AM
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