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This summer I created an ambitious summer reading book list. The one thing you need to know is that I'm an audio learner, which puts me in an elite group of only 7% of the population whose primary learning style is audible. So, I have learned to maximize this gift. I read (make that listen to) audio books. So, below is a list of audio books that I "read" this summer, with a few words of commentary on each. If you are interested in any of these books, they are all available as hard copies in any bookstore or as audiobooks on Enjoy!

   Decision Points by George W. Bush
Regardless of whether or not you are a Bush fan, this is a good read to better understand certain dynamics of leadership. I walked away from this book with a new respect for George W. Bush, specifically the courage he displayed in his battle with alcohol, his love for his wife and his faith in God. I also have a new respect for the office of the President. Regardless of who sits in the Oval office, the job is incredibly difficult, stressful and more scrutinized than anything we can imagine doing. I encourage you to read this and as always, pray for our nation's leaders.

  Necessary Endings by Henry Cloud
I am a big fan of anything that Henry Cloud writes. I love his down-to-earth style and his practical approach to dealing with issues we all seem to face. From someone in the field of Psychology, he balances well both psychological principles and biblical truths. This book focused on the "endings" that need to happen in order to keep moving forward in life. I found this book incredibly insightful for family life, my personal ministry and my work as an organizational leader. Highly recommended.

  Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas
Let me start this one by saying, I usually have trouble with marriage books. They are often trite and unrealistic. This is the best marriage book I've read to date in terms of content. Unlike most marriage books, Thomas focuses on holiness instead of happiness as a primary purpose of marriage; I truly appreciate his courage to stay true to God's plan for marriage. However, as I shared with a friend, "this is the best marriage book I've read that I'll only recommend to seminary grads!" Thomas is obviously well educated, and his approach is to leverage his knowledge of Scripture and Christian history to communicate his points. However, this can come across very unattainable and intimidating because of how intense the language is. If you can get through the thick language and complex illustrations, you will be deeply challenged in your marriage.

  Weird by Craig Groeschel
Great book. Fun read. Very relevant. I have a personal friendship with Craig, so I'm admitting my bias to like his stuff. With that being said, his concept of being "weird" is an appropriate challenge for anyone attempting to live their Christian life in today's western culture. He points to a variety of issues in our culture that are "normal" because everyone does them but illustrates how "normal isn't working." He is very transparent about his personal successes and failures on the way from "normal" to "weird." If you are looking for a fresh view of Christianity as it should be in our world today, read this book.

  Quitter by Jon Acuff (I actually read this on my iPad using an e-book. Yes, I do know how to read.)
I read this book because I like Jon Acuff, though we've never met (I'm not sure why, he's in Nashville, a mere 3 hours away). I like his style. This book is very funny, Jon is a very funny guy. I would say this book is a cross between an inspiring Career Manifesto and a good long talk with your dad about "what are you going to do when you grow up?" There is a ton of great practical wisdom regarding your work and career path. There is solid motivation that stems from a genuine faith in God and His calling on our lives. For the day dreamer that needs a good kick in the pants - read this. I was personally challenged to finish a project  that I've been dragging my feet on for a while...thanks Jon. Lunch sometime?

What great books have you read/listened to this summer?

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Posted by Andy Savage at 8:15 AM
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