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I like Speak Creative. Speak specializes in website design, website development, app development, internet marketing, print and graphic design for businesses, churches and non-profits of all types. Speak was started by my brother over ten years ago and has consistently grown and provided the highest level of excellence for me personally and for Highpoint Church.

Yes, I'm biased because it's my brother's company, but make no mistake, there is no compromise on quality. They do exceptional work. My brother is smart...maybe even genius (but don't tell him I said that). He has hired great people including my account rep, Megan Denney, designers Meredith Smith and Candace Joseph and "Head Proselytizer" Matt Roberts. The entire team of thirteen or so employees is great at what they do, and that greatness is passed along to every client through every project. My brother, Jacob, has worked very hard to build a company that is great to work for and work with. He and his company are a vital part of my ministry and the ministry of Highpoint Church.

Every leader needs partners in the process of taking their visions and dreams and making them a reality. This is what Speak does so well.  I'm currently working on about ten different projects with Speak and love watching how they help make my dreams a reality. They go above and beyond and generate new and creative ideas. They bring a wealth of experience (from working with literally hundreds of other clients) to the table on every project and seek to find the best possible outcome.

In the coming months you will see the results of some of my projects with Speak Creative. I cannot wait to share them with you! Until then, I hope you take a few minutes and visit the Speak website and consider using them for your next project. Tell them Andy sent you.

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Posted by Andy Savage at 11:43 AM
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