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"I’ve never felt more convicted, and more driven to change, than those nights I spent alone there in that pew listening to Andy put it all out there, no holding back and really calling me out spiritually on the way that I was living my life. He was speaking Gods words, and then explaining them to me in simple, easy to understand ways, and teaching me how they related to ME."

"I began to really hear the messages, and understand them. Many were stories that I had grown up hearing in Sunday School, but hearing them in this new light, Andy made them actually make sense. These were God’s words, still the same, yet this time someone was explaining them in ways that really spoke to me, this time it made sense how that Old Book the Bible was really a manual for how to live my life."

"I was astounded by what I heard. I was entranced by the way that Andy delivered the message. There was no doubt in my mind about it…he was speaking directly to me. It was like God Himself was tapping me on the shoulder saying, listen, I’m trying to get your attention and help you."

"Andy's messages spoke directly to my heart, and made me want to draw closer to God, and really understand Him."

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