Falling Short

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Falling Short.

“Sin is both the overstepping of a line and the failure to reach it- both transgression and shortcoming.  Sin is a missing of the mark, a spoiling of the good, a staining of the garments, a hitch in one’s gait, a wandering from the path, a fragmenting of the whole.  Sin is what culpably disturbs shalom.  Sinful human life is a caricature of proper human life.”  - Neal Plantinga


I love this quote and encourage everyone to wrestle with the truth in it.  I think it is easy to look at sin as simply doing bad things; a sort of spiritual criminal act.  Sin is far more than that.  It seems that sin is a deception that something else will make us feel complete and provide that inner sense of peace we all long for.  This is sin.  Sin is not just transgression, it is also shortcoming.  It is falling short of the life God intended us to live.  It is falling short of the joy we were meant to experience in Him.  It is settling for far less than we were made to enjoy.  Sin is the great thief of life. The result is always loss.  The result is always counterfeit.  Sin makes promises it cannot deliver.  Sin leaves us wanting.


Even today I was made aware of another situation where friends of mine are being deceived by sin.  I sincerely have no desire to judge them and find no joy in their struggle.  Their problem is not a means for me to make myself feel good.  I hate that they will suffer from their choices.  I hate that sin will set them back and rob them of the goodness God intended.  Sin is serious. 


I hope this makes sense. AS

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Posted by Andy Savage at 1:02 PM
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