The Nobel Peace Prize

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The Nobel Peace Prize is the hottest topic on Facebook and Twitter today and if you don’t know why, I’m not telling you!  However, it did get me thinking.  This coveted award is granted to people who promote peace and make an unprecedented and undeniable impact in our world.  This month as I teach about sin and the fall of man I am reminded that sin not only damaged our standing with God; it destroyed it.  Sin is not simply a problem that needs solving; it is death that must be overcome.  In a radical move of pure love and complete justice Jesus took our place and bridged the gap.  His death paid the penalty our sin and broke the power of death.  He achieved what no man could ever do – he restored peace between God and man.  There is no “prize” this world can devise that matches the work of Jesus.  He is THE Prince of Peace, He alone could create eternal peace.  Yes, today is a good day to celebrate peace…I hope you have found it.   


I hope this makes sense. AS

Posted by Andy Savage at 10:01 PM
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