Reflections from Sunday's services...

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1. Burden.  I usually feel a certain passion for every message I teach however this morning I felt a heavy burden.  I sensed that God truly wanted to speak to our church.  I was especially convicted to pray that we listen.  I can’t read minds but it seemed like the prayer is answered.  The subject of sin is heavy anyway but I believe we must not ever allow the burden of it to leave our preaching/teaching otherwise we lose the power of the gospel.

2. Worship.  The worship was good and not just musically.  Josh Maze led us to worship – not just sing songs.  I believe worship is a choice and even we don’t feel like it we still ought to worship.  This morning was like catching a wave – we all seemed to get caught up in it.

3. Synergy.  There is something about people working together that makes you believe the impossible can be possible. Casey & Courtney Young the couple who leads our singles ministry saw a young lady trust Christ and choose baptism from within the singles class – in the middle of his message!  This is not the result of a hero overcoming weaknesses in the church; this is an empowered teammate being used by God just as 10-15 people trusted Chris in the worship service happening down the hall.  This is God is working through people – not just through a single person!

4. Family.  The young lady who was baptized felt compelled not to delay her obedience so our team raced to set up a baptism on the back lawn and the church body gathered around in support.  It was a beautiful picture of family.  We all need a family and Highpoint truly is a family!

5. Truth.  Just before bed my 5yr old quoted Psalm 139:14 “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made…” I was proud that he knew his Bible verse but much more than that is he understood that God made him and that’s what makes him valuable.  This is the truth that sin attempts to steal.  With the faith of a child I was reminded and thankful again that I too am fearfully and wonderfully made and of value to God that He would send Jesus to ensure I have hope.  It is the truth we need.  

I pray that these reflections encourage you and raise your expectation for next Sunday. AS
Posted by Andy Savage at 8:32 PM
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