God and your Bod.

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Today I read a stat that 76% of pastors are either overweight or obese!  I couldn’t believe it…well I could but it was still shocking to hear.  The hypocrisy of the situation is obvious but the reality is sad.   Some may want to start yelling back at every overweight preacher that has yelled at you about drinking, smoking or a hundred other physical abuses.  The truth is those who struggle with their weight feel just as guilty.  They know it isn’t right and that things need to change.  Much like any discipline the issue is not “if” but “how?”    


In February of this year I got serious about this issue in my life.  Now, I was never obese but I was overweight and was not healthy.  I had been inspired by episodes of The Biggest Loser and secretly wondered if I would ever do anything.  I’ve always been fairly active and even athletic.  However, I found myself busier than ever, three kids, my natural love for food, the stress of a growing ministry and 30+ pounds of unnecessary fat.  As I faced this reality I was convicted that this was not a stage of life issue, it was not “just how I am,” it was not because I’m just too busy…this was a spiritual problem and I was not taking seriously that my body is a temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 6).  This was exactly what I needed to hear.  I agreed with God and made the decision to change.   Since February of this year I have exercised religiously and changed my eating habits.  Certainly diet and exercise can easily become an obsession and vanity can become your motive –you have to remember why.  I have to remind myself regularly that my body is God’s property and I must manage it well.   


Good physical fitness is like prayer – we all know we need to but most rarely do and when we do it’s short lived.  I want to encourage you not to give up.  I have found that so many of the spiritual disciplines in my life are enhanced and even made possible because I prioritize healthy eating and exercise.  If you are in ministry you must ask yourself what kid of example are you leaving your church if this area is not under control.  I could make lots of recommendations on how to start but you can get that anywhere.  I want to challenge you to answer the question,  “Why?”  Why do you eat the way you do?  Why do you neglect exercise?  What if you could begin to say to God, “You are the Lord of my body?”   I hope this makes sense. AS

Posted by Andy Savage at 2:59 PM
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