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Psalm 119:9 “How can a young man keep his way pure? By living according to your word.”  


Men, pay attention.  This truth is powerful. Psalm 119:9 talks about a man keeping his “way” pure.  This “way” is a reference to life.  The “way” you make decisions.  The “way” you relate with people.  The “way” you conduct business.  The “way” you speak.  The “way” you integrate God’s truth into your life.  We must guard our “way.”  God is deeply concerned about your “way.”  


When we abandon God’s daily direction in our lives we compromise our “way.”  His word is designed and graciously given for our good in this life.  When we reject it for our own wisdom we mark our “way” with impurity.  Ultimately this approach will cause the most important things in our lives to fall apart.   


I specifically want to address the primary issue that affects the “way” of men…your sexual purity.  It is essential to take this issue seriously.  I know most of you love your wives and don’t commit adultery.  But let’s be honest – some do commit adultery.  The reality is we are all bombarded with messages powered by sex and erotica to capture our attention.   Pornography is available 24/7 from the nearest smart phone.   And only God knows what goes on in your mind.  I have seen far too many marriages go up in smoke because a seed of impurity grew out of control and caused major havoc.   


I have listed a few simple steps to “make your way pure”

1. Limit TV/movies/free-range Internet use – the sexual content is off the charts – be smart – turn it off!  I’m not condemning all TV but get serious about limiting what you know will cause temptation. 


2. PORN – if you struggle looking at porn online or elsewhere enlist a trusted Christian brother to bring healthy accountability into your life – and yes, just once or twice a week is a struggle.  I’m all for software for your computer to control this – but nothing is as powerful as a Christian brother in your life and if needed in your face!  If you look at porn more on any regular basis – you NEED to get into a good recovery program. (


3. Acknowledge that every lustful thought or action is an overt act of distrust toward God. 


4. Eliminate “innocent” flirting with women (unless of course it is your wife).  We men love attention from women and if not careful we will flirt to get a little female attention and given the right situation could easily go the wrong way.


5. Take in God’s word daily.  I encourage you to read one chapter from proverbs each day for a month and feel free to start over the following month.  Always read with a commitment to do whatever God’s word says.  


Keep your “way” pure men.  Work hard in all areas of purity and trust God that this is the only way to living life to the fullest.  As always, I hope this makes sense.  AS  

Posted by Andy Savage at 3:45 PM
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